The Talented Mano Erina

24 11 2008

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this talented young girl yet in my blog but there’s no time like the present. 17 year old Mano Erina started out life in H!P as one of the Eggs in 2006 before joining Ongaku Gatas. Tsunku saw the potential in her to leave that group and go it alone as a soloist. So far she’s released 2 indie singles and both have been really good. Her new web blog is being translated into English like many other H!P artists and it gives an insight into what she’s like as a person, what she enjoys doing outside H!P and what she does at work as an artist. She’s very cute, has got a lovely smile this girl and I hope they give her an opportunity soon to release a major single.

The videos I’m putting up are live performances as there’s no official PV’s. Below you’ll find her singing her 1st indie single Mano Piano with some backstage footage too:

This is Mano on the NHK Channel singing a short version of her 2nd indie single Lucky Aura:



One response

1 12 2008

I just love this girl….

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