Idoling!!! sub units

13 01 2009

To be honest when it comes to idols my interest has mostly been on the big two (AKB48 and H!P), well it was 4 when dream and SweetS were active so I haven’t been following other idol acts such as 9nine or Idoling!! until now that is.

Members of Idoling!!! (late 2007)

Members of Idoling!!! (late 2007)

Thanks to their upcoming collaboration with AKB48 and their appearance on AKBingo last week I’ve decided to take a further look at Idoling!!!. They look like a fun idol group and I know they’ve got a daily show on Fuji TV which I haven’t seen yet. Apparently they’ll be showing up on several episodes of AKBingo. Their songs, well let’s just say they’re not on a par with AKB48 or H!P. It seems like I’ll be taking more interest in them from now on. There’s plenty of eye candy available but I’m drawn to Idoling!!! leader 23 year old Kato Sayaka.

The first sub units from Idoling!!! are now beginning to appear: GizaGiza Idoling and FuriFuri Idoling. The 2 songs they offer (Hannin wa Anata desu and Nagara) are an improvement of what Idoling!!! have released so far IMO. Take a look at the 2 PV’s below and judge for yourself how good they are:

As if 2 sub units wasn’t enough, there’s another 2 coming soon called KyunKyun Idoling!!! and BanBan Idoling!!!



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