Huge News – Morning Musume To Perform In The US!

13 02 2009

This has come out of the blue but Morning Musume are coming to the US to perform at an anime and manga convention this coming Summer. Yes, you’ve read it right – they’ll be coming over to the Anime Expo event which is being held on July 2 – 5 in Anaheim, California.

This is going to start a ticket frenzy amongst fans who have been hoping and praying that one day H!P’s flagship group would come over to the US and now their dreams have come true. Some fans are going to be disappointed such will be the demand but I wouldn’t worry too much. The event will be such a success there’s no doubt that Morning Musume will come back again to the US and I reckon Berryz and C-ute will soon be following them. Now that they’re heading to the US, isn’t it time they look towards Europe and plan a concert there but maybe that’s on the cards.

Good luck to everyone hoping to grab a ticket!

Morning Musume

Morning Musume



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