New Japanese Movie Trailers – Summer 2009

26 06 2009

1. Fuyu No Kaidan (Winter Ghost Story) stars C-ute’s very own Maimi Yajima and one of the H!P eggs Kanon in this zombie flick. I don’t have any high expectations for this at all judging from the trailer but I’ll give it a chance just because Maimi’s in it.

2. Ultra Galaxy Legends:The Movie – the latest Ultraman movie has 50 ultramen trying to stop the evil Ultraman Belial from using 100 kaiju to conquer the galaxy.

3. Summer Wars – this cool looking anime about a teenage boy Kenji who receives a strange math problem on his mobile phone. By solving the problem he somehow manages to cause a parallel reality to collide with the Earth and it’s up to him to put everything back into order again.

4. Killer Virgin Road – this comedy starring the brilliant Juri Ueno looks good and it also features a glimpse of gravure idol Ayaka Komatsu. It’s released in Japan on 12th September.

5. Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl – looking at the trailer, we can safely bet that this is going to be similar to the blood soaked fest that was The Machine Girl with ridiculously over the top gore.



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