C-ute Bombshell – Kanna Leaves H!P

11 07 2009

This piece of news has come as a complete bombshell for me and I really didn’t expect to hear today that Arihara Kanna who was on sickness leave for bunions treatment has quit C-ute and H!P altogether! But is there more to this story that meets the eye? It was way back in February that Kanna disappeared from the scene for treatment which was only supposed to last for 6 – 8 weeks at the max but she never returned and there hasn’t been any progress report on how the treatment was going and when she was scheduled to return. There’s some rumours going around that Kanna might have been snapped by some paparazzi with a member of the opposite sex and we all know that their contract specifically implies that any H!P idol is not allowed to have any boyfriends. The official line from UFA is that she wanted to return to a normal life but that sounds a bit iffy. So was Kanna pushed out of H!P or not? We might never know the truth but I wish Kanna the very best of luck in the future. I shall certainly miss her.



One response

20 07 2009

H!P member usually tend to disappear sometimes…hum…H!P is the new mafia, and tsunku is the godfather ~.~

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