Winter/Spring Movie Trailers

17 11 2009

These trailers of movies that are coming out in Japan over the next couple of months caught my eye:

1. Higanjima

Although it was made in Korea and directed by a Korean, the actors and characters in this movie based on a graphic novel are Japanese. The story is of a man and his friends travelling to an island to look for his lost brother and finding a den of vampires there. If you like vampire slaying and plenty of action then this will be right up your street. Looks great. Released on January 9th.

2. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Having seen the 80’s version and the superb anime movie that came out a couple of years ago I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one fares. The teaser looks promising enough. It’s about a schoolgirl that finds that she can travel through time but soon abuses that power to fix some problems. What she doesn’t realise is that there are consequences if you meddle with time. It comes out in March 2010.

3. Assault Girls

I’m a fan of Mamoru Oshii so I can’t wait to see his new live action movie since 2001’s Avalon. The story revolves around 3 big rifle wielding sexy female hunters who fight some monsters on a bleak desert battlefield. Very impressive looking trailer I’ve got to say. I’m sure it’s not going to be disappointing judging by what I’ve seen from it. Released on December 19th.

4. Mr Bubblegum

This is a quirky comedy of a recently unemployed business man who is writing a suicide note in a park when a cute school girl looks in on what he’s doing and decides to help him write the note out! It sounds interesting. 20 year old Mamiko Funakoshi is beautiful. I’m not sure when this movie is coming out?

and finally

5. The Shock Labyrinth

Already out in Japan since the 17th October, this movie is inspired by the attraction at the Fuji Q Highland theme park. They actually shot the movie there when the park was closed at night. A group of teenagers find their world turned upside down when a friend who disappeared 10 years ago suddenly turns up out of the blue. When she falls ill they take her to a hospital but find themselves trapped in the labyrinth corridors of a haunted house.



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