Oricon Top 30 Charts 2010 – Week 5

3 02 2010

All change at the top again this week as 9 new entries break into the Top 10. Last week’s no.1 by YUI goes down to no.7 and Koda Kumi who was at no.2 has gone way down to no.28. That’s one hell of a drop by her. Now onto some of the new entries into the charts. For idol fans there’s Idoling!!! at no.6 with their tie-in song from the anime Fairy Tail. It’s a decent enough tune.  I really like Yukari Tamura’s song My Wish My Love at no.5. I’ve always enjoyed listening to her after buying her best of album Sincerely Dears nearly 3 years ago. AAA continue to impress me with the great songs they keep releasing. Heart And Soul is another top tune from them which got to no.3. At no.2 is L’arc En Ciel with Bless. Can this group do no wrong? Such a fantastic song is Bless, I love it. And hitting the top spot is Tohoshinki with BREAK OUT! Tohoshinki isn’t a group I listen to that much but I’ve got to admit that BREAK OUT is one hell of a fine tune and it deserves to be at no.1.

The chart rundown in full:

30 Maria – Wasuretakunakute
29 Aoyama Thelma x SOL from BIGBANG – Fall In Love
28 Goro Kagami – Fuyubotan
27 Koda Kumi – Can We Go Back
26 Megamasso – MEMORIES
25 Mari Yaguchi with Straw Hat – Kaze wo Sagashite
24 NERDHEAD feat Kana Nishino – BRAVE HEART
23 Kenichi Suzumura – and Becoming
22 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku
21 Russia (Takato Yasuhiro) – Hetalia Character CD Vol. 7 Russia
20 Toshimi Tagawa – Kita no Minatoeki
19 FictionJunction – Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora
18 Natsuko Aso – Perfect-area complete!
17 Masaharu Fukuyama – Hatsukoi
16 Karasu – LASTICA
15 Yuno (Asumi Kana), Miyako (Mizuhashi Kaori), Hiro (Goto Yuko), Sae (Shintani Ryoko) – Dekiru Kanatte???
14 Haruka Tomatsu – Girls, Be Ambitious
13 SuG – gr8 story
12 CHEMISTRY – Period
11 Nana Mizuki – PHANTOM MINDS
10 Mika Nakashima – ALWAYS
08 Aqua Timez – Ehagaki no Haru
07 YUI – Gloria
06 Idoling!!! – S.O.W Sense Of Wonder
05 Yukari Tamura – My wish My Love
04 FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – Namida / Yume
03 AAA – Heart And Soul
02 L’arc En Ciel – Bless
01 Tohoshinki – BREAK OUT!

And here’s the weekly fan-made charts by RASC:



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