Majisuka Gakuen Episode 4 – Short Summary

6 02 2010

The episode opens with a brutal beating of a Rappappa member at the hands of the lolli trio The Sanshou Sisters played by Myao, Maachan and Lovetan.

There’s a flashback to the past showing Maeda in a fight when she looks at the 2 bracelets she’s wearing on her arm. There’s an unexpected arrival in her house as her truck driving mother comes back home. It seems her mother and father are former yankiis! We finally meet the school’s Principal who knows of Maeda’s parents when they were teenagers. There’s a bit of a history between the three.

One of the 4 Rappappa queens Shibuya (played by Tomochin) asks the Sanshou trio to take care of Maeda as she’s been told not to make a move on her. If the trio succeed they can become Rappappa members. It doesn’t take a lot of persuading for them to accept.

Their first confrontation with Maeda results in her being beaten the crap out of by the trio after she backs out of the fight. They take a photo of a bleeding Maeda to show the vice president of Rappappa – Sado but they don’t get the reaction they hoped for as she isn’t best pleased with their effort. Enraged, they corner Maeda in a school playground, handcuff her to the merry-go-round and beat the living daylights out of her. Daruma intervenes but she’s no better off and gets wasted by them too. Then they make a mistake of saying the word “serious” and that’s all it takes to get Maeda to go mad on them.

Even tied up, Maeda manages to be victorious against them. Once again watching from a distance is Mayuyu with a smile on her face.

I’ve got to say this was the best episode so far of the series. I just loved the Sanshou Sisters – cute in their lolli outfits but so menacing and deadly. Myao was incredible as their leader. She was so damn vicious and who would have thought that Maachan would make a good villianess. I want to see more of this trio in future episodes. They came so close to finishing Maeda off.

Episode 5 looks to be so exciting as Sayaka comes on the scene and we’ll get her squaring up to Maeda in a scrap. Also Miichan appears and Mayuyu’s role gets expanded. Majisuka Gakuen is shaping up very nicely so far and I’m starting to get really into the storyline.



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