AKBingo 3rd February Summary

7 02 2010

Today’s episode featured a dodgeball game with a difference as it involved a punishment for whoever got hit!!

There are two teams with 6 members. The red team consists of Kuramochi, Akicha, Takamina, Jurina, Sae and Mayuyu and the white team has Sayaka, Yuko, Yukirin, Kojima, Moeno and Miichan.

Sayaka gets a little bit boisterous by aiming a shot at the members watching from the sidelines. She really slammed that ball with force. Acchan and Tomochin look quite shocked! First one to get eliminated is Kojima from the whites. Her punishment is to drink a glass of milk whilst being electrocuted by 2 sensors attached to her arms. It’s quite amusing seeing her struggle to drink.

The 2nd to get hit is Akicha from the reds who has to eat a disgusting pupa. It looks awful but fair play to her she does eat it and everybody looks horrified! 3rd punishment is a large balloon being inflated and popped above one’s head as demonstrated by the crazy Nachu. Yukirin is the unlucky one that has to do this.

Punishment no 4 is getting your teeth blackened which Nachu shows everybody. Sayaka is the one that gets this treatment. The 5th punishment is eating a slice of melon quickly. Despite her protests that she never got hit properly, Mayuyu has to do this one. Getting your face applied with black paint is the 6th punishment and Nito Moeno is the girl hit by an excellent tactic by Takamina. I think the face paint that was applied was supposed to represent a Japanese fictional character but I’m not sure who it is? Moeno doesn’t look happy that everybody is laughing at her and I thought she was about to cry!!

Revenge is sweet though as Moeno smacks Jurina for the next punishment which is having sellotape all over your face. It comes down to Sae, Takamina and Kuramochi versus Yuko and Miichan. It’s a double elimination for the whites as the ball hits Yuko and ricochets off to hit Miichan. All of the whites are out and the red team wins. Yuko and Miichan have to take the same punishment as Moeno. The 3 of them look funny together.

There’s another round of Phrase Museum between Mayuyu and Kuramochi which Mayuyu wins. A great performance of Majisuka Gakuen’s opening theme song Majisuka Rock n Roll and this episode is over.

This was such a fun episode and hopefully they’ll do another one similar to this very soon. Next week is another Shojiki Shougi game between the two Matsuri’s from SKE48 – Jurina and Rena.



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