More Spring Japanese Movie Trailers

9 02 2010

Here’s some more great new movies coming out in Japan during the Spring:

1. My Darling Is A Foreigner

Starring the incredibly cute Mao Inoue, this is an adaptation of the manga about the real life story of a Japanese woman that fell in love with an American man. It’s released on the 10th April.

2. Bushido Sixteen

Kie Kitano who’s best remembered for her role in the dorama LIFE is one of the main stars here about two female teenage kendo fighters. Riko Narumi is the other lead female – she plays Kaori who takes kendo very seriously and has done so for the majority of her life. Kie’s character Sanae is only casually interested in the sport. Sanae beats Kaori in a tournament at junior high school. This doesn’t sit well with Kaori who secretly seethes with rage. When both girls enter high school, their rivalry intensifies!! I think it comes out on the same day as My Darling Is A Foreigner.

3. Sukeban Hunters: Soukatsu Nagurikomi Sakusen/Jigoku no Kettou

I’m not sure if these two short movies can be classed as pink eiga or a straight forward action movie. I haven’t got a description of the storyline but it looks like it was inspired by 70’s Japanese cinema. They look interesting. Not sure of the release date

and finally a movie that comes out during the Summer

4. Surely Someday

Shun Oguri directs his first major movie. It concerns 5 schoolboys who form a band and look forward to playing at their school festival. Their hopes are dashed by the sudden cancellation of the festival. In the hope of making the school Principal change his mind they stage a fake bomb threat. Their plan works at first but when a real bomb goes off, the blame falls on the boys and they’re expelled from school. Three years on and more details regarding the incident are revealed as the boys try and put their lives back in order. This one comes out in July.



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