AKBingo 10th February Summary

11 02 2010

This week’s show has another round of Shojiki Shougi between the 2 Matsui girls from SKE48 – Jurina and Rena.It was actually quite an interesting segment and I love the fact that Jurina was stirring it a bit as well with the questions. I don’t think there was anything malicious going on, just Jurina having some fun but I wonder if Rena cornered her after the show to tell her off?

The questions that were asked was:

You are aiming for the first solo debut in SKE48.
During MCs (at the theater), you’re glad that Takamina isn’t part of SKE48.
You believe as long you cry, everything will be forgiven.
You said that you don’t remember wetting the bed as a child, but in actuality you remember.
Whenever you see cute members, you want to kiss them.
You love Tokyo more than Nagoya.

Jurina won this 3-2. It was one of the best Shojiki Shouga segments.

It’s time for another AK Rangers slot. This time White Sata kidnaps Takamina. The challenge for the team this time is Myao throwing candy from a bowl and each of the remaining 4 girls have to catch one in their mouth. They were particularly bad in this one and Takamina gets covered in flour!! They don’t seem to be doing well at all in the challenges. Is this like the 3rd or 4th in a row now that they’ve failed?

Phrase Museum is up next between Tomochin and Erepyon. Erepyon triumphs whilst Tomochin gets her face painted and miaows like a cat afterwards!

With the end of the episode near, we have Sakura no Shiori being performed again. The song gets better with each performance.

Overall, a good episode but next week’s one is going to be awesome. It’s the 2nd batsu dodgeball game. The first one was fantastic so my hopes are high on this. Looks like Sae and Rena Matsui are going to be punished!



3 responses

12 02 2010

In the Shojiki Shougi segment, Jurina actually won 3 to 2. I didn’t understand the last question she asked but it was the one with the shocking, whispered, revelation to the AKB girls. 🙂

12 02 2010

Thanks for telling me that, I’ve amended the post.

12 02 2010

The last question was “You believe as long you cry, everything will be forgiven.”

This one really finished Rena off …

and Rena has to call her alter ego Gekikara, to finish Jurina 😀

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