Majisuka Gakuen Episode 5 Summary

12 02 2010

The opening to episode 5 finds Daruma walking to school with Maeda and telling her all about the new scooter she’s got. As she’s daydreaming about it in the corridor, a student bumps into her. It’s Choukaku played by Sayaka. Sayaka’s character looks so cool with purple streaks in her hair. Daruma aska for an apology but all she gets is some Hyakunin Isshu spouted to her face (Hyakunin Isshu is a collection of 100 poems by 100 famous poets). Choukaku is on a quest to defeat 100 people with her final opponent being Yuko who’s beaten her in the past. Choukaku leaves a calling card after winning a fight and it looks like the Kabuki Sisters and Team Hormone have been amongst her victims so far.

After 2 episodes of watching events in the background with a menacing grin on her face, Mayuyu’s character Nezumi finally introduces herself to Choukaku insisting she’s an ally of hers. As Choukaku has gone through 93 opponents and has 7 to complete the 100 (6 of which will be Rappappa members) it leaves 1 fight remaining. Nezumi suggests that Maeda should be that opponent!

Meanwhile at the hospital, the first sign of tension between Yuko and Maeda surfaces when Maeda breaks a scuffle between 2 of Yuko’s adult friends. She is still unaware that Maeda is the transfer student that Sado keeps warning her about at school. But that’s not all as we see that something is amiss with Yuko as she starts getting dizzy and her vision becomes blurred.

2 new characters make themselves known to the viewers. The first is Chiharu played by Amina Sato. She’s a pupil at a rival school Yakabune and is seen to be a thief (taking 5000 yen off the gullible creepy doctor) and then later buying Daruma’s scooter after it was stolen by a fellow pupil from her school. The 2nd new character is the school president played by Miichan.

Maeda is in for a surprise when a poster declaring that she’s a murderer is plastered all over the walls of the school. It looks to me from the flashback scene that Maeda and Takamina might have taken somebody’s life in a fight when they were together at another school. Whether this was accidental or they killed somebody on purpose remains to be seen (I’m sure all will be revealed in the upcoming episodes).

It doesn’t take long for us to find out that it was Nezumi behind the posters and she’s in league with Yakabune. She’s manipulating events with Maeda, Choukaku and Rappappa for her own evil gain and now she knows the story behind Maeda’s transfer.

The long awaited fight between Choukaku and Maeda happens. Quite a short fight and the inevitable outcome with Maeda triumphing once more. Choukaku warns that others are waiting for her to slip. Nezumi with her evil grin is once again in the background listening to this conversation. I was quite disappointed with the fight, I expected a great slugfest but it failed to materialise.

Back at school and Sado slaps Shibuya when she dares to say that Sado is scared of Maeda. Before it can escalate, a cheery Yuko returns to take her place as the top dog. Things are about to get serious now.

This was an excellent episode especially since we’re now into the nitty gritty of the storyline itself. We get a bit more information on Maeda’s past and things are beginning to unravel with several people making their move most notably Mayuyu’s devious character Nezumi who’s brilliant as the puppet master. I just love her wickedness.

Episode 6 sees Jurina making an appearance and Yuko starts showing her authority at school by kicking ass. Judging by a scene showing Shibuya and Nezumi together, I take it that Nezumi will try and manipulate Shibuya into either leaving Rappappa to join her or persuading her to take on Maeda without the consent of Yuko.



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