AKBingo 17th February Summary

18 02 2010

This week’s episode is round 2 of the Dodgeball Punishment Game.

The teams are:

Sayaka, Oku, Kasai, Kojiharu, Myao and Erepyon

Tomochin, Amina, Takamina, Sae, Kitahara and Rena Matsui

1st Punishment: drink some green goo. The first player out was one of the survivors that escaped punishment from the first game – Takamina. She did amazingly well in drinking whatever the hell it was but it looked afterwards that she was about to puke the lot out. Sayaka looked horrified at the whole ordeal!!

2nd Punishment: painful face massage with a demo done by Nachu. Her features are all contorted by the masseur. Kojima is out. During her face massage Kiyoto was prodding about with her nose!!

3rd Punishment: eating a meal while whilst being shocked. Sae gets this punishment. This was hilarious to watch as Sae struggled so hard to eat her ramen. The girls were laughing so much at her predicament.

4th Punishment: face paint. Erepyon is out and gets her face painted like a character from a Japanese manga?? All I understood properly was unchi so I take it the character’s name is Shit Boy!

5th Punishment: eating a pudding in one mouthful as it’s dropped into your mouth. Amina Sato gets to do this and does surprisingly well after struggling a teensy bit at first.

6th Punishment: taking a sip of very hot spicy broth. Kasai is the unfortunate girl taking this one. As she’s taking the sip and tasting how hot it really is, she keeps pointing 2 fingers on either side up in the air which is funny. You can also see Yukirin and Mayuyu in the sidelines copying her!! She also tells Sata to shut up after he calls her a baby!! Rena Matsui tries the broth and starts doing the finger pointing followed by Sata.

7th Punishment: taking a whiff of a smelly sock. Myao has to receive this punishment. The show’s Assistant Director takes his sock off so that Myao can smell it! As the guy’s favorite member is Tomomi Kasai she also has to smell it though she doesn’t want to. To show her displeasure she starts thumping him on his chest!! She does smell it in the end!!

8th Punishment: face painted like Demon Kogure (a Japanese entertainer, musician and sumo commentator who claims he’s an alien that wants to conquer Japan!). Rena Matsui undergoes the transformation and she’s looks pretty convincing as him.

Time has run out for the game and we have a draw this time round. Tomochin and Kitahara on one side and Oku and Sayaka on the other.

MVP for the game is Tomomi Kasai

Phrase Museum is between Acchan and Kojima. Acchan is the victor.

Finishing off the episode is a performance of next week’s no.1 – Sakura no Shiori.

There’s some promotion for Acchan’s PB and SKE48’s 2nd single before a preview of next week’s episode which is yet another Shojiki Shougi.

This batsu game wasn’t as good as the first one though I did enjoy watching Sae getting shocked. That was pretty funny. I hope they come up with more devious punishments should they decide to do this again.



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