Majisuka Gakuen Episode 6 Summary

19 02 2010

We begin this episode on the school rooftop as Yuko and Sado having a chat about how Sado should run the school without her. Judging by her words and the tears forming in Sado’s eyes, what exactly is wrong with Yuko? Has she got a terminal illness or something? Then we hear Daruma’s words from down below as we see her following Maeda on the school grounds. Sado explains to Yuko that it’s Maeda. Yuko asks how much time until graduation and does she have enough time left. She will deal with Maeda personally.

Team Hormone and Daruma are discussing Yuko’s return in their classroom when Shibuya comes in and makes a scene with a warning to Maeda who’s sitting in front of her desk. Daruma butts in but suddenly she freezes and has a look of fear in her eyes. Shibuya leaves after threatening to smash Maeda. She tries to persuade Sado to allow her to take Maeda on but the answer is a firm no which pisses her off. Shibuya takes her frustration out on anybody in her way in the school corridor. Quietly watching this is Nezumi with her trademark mischevious smile and deducing that the dumb ones aren’t worth anything!

Team Hormone ask Maeda the meaning behind a note from Daruma that they protect Maeda whilst she’s away. There’s some background info that Daruma was in Shibuya’s gang years earlier and perhaps that’s why she froze. It’s obvious that Shibuya doesn’t remember Daruma from her gang. Team Hormone surmise that Daruma has run away and locked herself at home.

Nezumi meanwhile seeks Shibuya out with a proposal on how she can get Maeda without Sado ever finding out. It does the trick with Shibuya falling for Nezumi’s puppet master tactics – hook, line and sinker! She orders her underling Dance to go and find Maeda. When they do find her, Daruma charges in with a challenge letter to Shibuya. Daruma explains to Maeda that she’s been training these past few days for the fight and perfecting her headbutt technique. She wants to change and be like Maeda. Before walking away she gives directions to Maeda of Shibuya’s HQ. She would like to see her there to support her fight.

After a brief chat at the hospital between Yuko and Maeda in which Yuko asks why Maeda is so reserved and that she should smile more, Daruma enters Shibuya’s den and gets her ass whupped. But then Maeda appears before Shibuya who taunts Daruma for her persistence. The mistake she makes is saying the word “majisuka”. The fight is on between Shibuya and Maeda but it’s over so quickly as one headbutt knocks Shibuya out cold!!

As Maeda and Daruma talk outside, Maeda confesses that she’s not as strong as Daruma might think she is. At the hospital, Sado reports to Yuko of Shibuya’s defeat. Back at school, Maeda comes across Jurina’s character who’s reading a book on a bench but she seems to disappear – is she a ghost?

There wasn’t any real progress as such with the storyline in this episode. I was really disappointed with the fight between Shibuya and Maeda – expected so much more but it was over in a flash. Mayuyu’s character I suspect is going to be a big time player in future episodes as she continues her divide and conquer dismantling of Rappappa’s bosses. What will eventually happen is once the 4 Queens are at each other’s throats, Mayuyu will sweep in with rival school Yakabune and take over. Another query I had was with Daruma. In episode 5 her scooter was stolen but in episode 6 she’s riding a scooter again (either it was a new one or she’d got the old one back?).

Episode 7 reintroduces Sae, Sayaka and the Kabuki Sisters as they seem to align themselves with Maeda against Rappappa. Can’t wait to watch it.



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14 03 2010

I was under the impression that Daruma said she’d trained her head-butt maneuver way before she even met Maeda, like perhaps after the time she ran away from Itano but before she changed schools, when she was on her own, so it would be a signature move (the reason she used it on one of the gold brows just after punching the volleyball in the first episode). However, she saw Maeda getting ‘serious’ and realized she needed to train on her own under her instead of making her own path ^_^

14 03 2010

This episode really fleshed out a good part that I think you might have missed.

I think when Maeda uses the headbutt against Itano, it’s a sign to Daruma (as Maeda does the warm up/focus moves prior to the headbutt, in the style Daruma uses) that it was done out of a sense that the move is a valid move as long as you’re serious about it, to give to give Daruma confidence, that she doesn’t need to follow Maeda around all the time. Or, it may have been used as a sign of friendship between Maeda and Daruma, perhaps..

However, Maeda tells Daruma that Daruma is stronger emotionally because Daruma was able to confront her past, while Maeda has only been avoiding it, despite Maeda’s seemingly emotional strength by beating everyone who challenges her.

14 03 2010

That’s an interesting and valid theory you make ablestmage. I actually agree with you on it.

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