AKBingo 24th February Summary

25 02 2010

Another round of Shojiki Shouji and perhaps one of the most entertaining ones we’ve ever had.

First up is Myao vs Acchan

Questions asked to Acchan

Honestly, the group huddle before performances is annoying.
Even though you’ve been studying English lately, you’t can’t write ‘Thursday’ in English.
You think that Hollywood star Robert Pattinson has fallen in love with you.
Takahashi Minami’s fashion is bad but, Oshima Yuko’s (who ridicules her for it) is also bad.

She only passed the first question. The 2nd question to Acchan was hilarious as she wrote SATH DAY for Thursday!! Yuko also copped it for the last question but worse was to follow for her!

Questions asked to Myao

Honestly, within AKB48, you don’t admire any of your senpai.
You like horror movies but you actually can’t go to the toilet alone at night.
Honestly, you are rebellious at home.

Myao was cool as ice and didn’t fail on any therefore she won this 3-0

The 2nd Shojiki participants was “idol cyborg” Mayuyu and Kojima.

Questions asked to Kojima

Frankly speaking, you dislike Oshima Yuko.
Frankly speaking, you want to become like Kendo Kobayashi.
You think that by being the cutesy girl, any guy will fall for you.

Kojima was forced to say she doesn’t like Yuko. Poor Yuko. I don’t know how anybody can dislike her. The look on Yuko’s face was priceless. I hope Kojima makes up with her!

Questions asked to Mayuyu

On the day that No Sleeves’ new single came out, you bought an anime song CD.
Honestly, coming from a person that’s called a CG, Takahashi Minami’s idol antics are NG.
You’ve been talking to Minegishi Minami often lately but, there’s no aspect that you respect.

Mayuyu failed with all her questions so Kojima won. Seeing the camera pan on the faces of Takamina, Yuko and Miichan was funny! Takamina always gets picked on in the Shojiki segments. It’s not fair, leave Takamina alone!!!!

Next up was a brand new segment – Haru Natsu Aki skit. In this skit Akicha pretends to be a nice cute idol in front of guests with Sata as her helper but when the guests leave her room she turns into a yankii. This was kinda fun to watch.

It’s promotion time after the skit as it shows several members picking material for a new necktie for what purpose I didn’t understand properly and more publicity for Acchan’s new PB.

We have a live performance from the recent Shibuya AX concerts of Majisuka Rock n Roll before the preview of next week’s episode which is a retrospective of previous shows.

This was a really good episode today with many truths being exposed by the lying machine on Shojiki Shougi. I felt sorry for Yuko and Takamina though. Disappointing to know that there won’t be a proper episode next week.



2 responses

26 02 2010

Can’t wait to watch it. Thanks for the recap. 🙂

2 05 2013

i thought the question to kojima was you dont know wat to do with yuko

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