Oricon Top 10 Charts – Week 8

25 02 2010

I’ve had to shorten this week’s charts to feature just the Top 10 as the website where I usually get the information about the Top 30 hasn’t updated plus I’m not good enough in Japanese to translate song titles from the official Oricon website. If I manage to find another site with the full Top 30 countdown in English I’ll update this post.

Onto this week’s charts. As if we didn’t know already but at least it’s official AKB48 destroyed the opposition as it bulldozed it’s way to the top spot. Final sales figures for the week were 318k and it was no.1 in the daily rankings for the entire week. Will it stay at no.1 next week. Probably not but I have high hopes it might stay in the Top 10. There’s 6 new entries in the Top 10 including an awful song Banana Mango High School by an AV idol group called Ebisu Muscats at no.8. Whilst the girls involved are great to look at in the PV, the song itself has to be one of the worst I’ve ever heard as they really can’t sing properly. Stick to your day job girls! How this got into the Top 10 I cannot fathom! The only new tune I really like in the Top 10 is fripside’s new tune LEVEL5~Judgelight which came in at no.4.

The Top 10 rundown is as follows:

10 Yuya Matsushita – Trust Me
09 Angelo – Hikari no kioku
08 Ebisu Muscats – Banana Mango High School
07 Nana Mizuki  –  Silent Bible
06 Sata andagi – Yanbaru kuina ga ton da
05 YUKI – Ureshikutte dakiau yo
04 fripSide – LEVEL5-judgelight-
03 Hannya, fruits punch – Onara hazukashikunaiyo / Pirameki taiso
02 KAT-TUN – Love yourself ~Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~
01 AKB48  –  Sakura no Shiori

And this week’s RASC Top 30 video countdown



2 responses

2 03 2010
Tiny Red Man

i wonder if jpopasia.com is quick enough for you. cos i go there weekly for an oricon update, which is rather fast, probably within an hour or 2.

2 03 2010

Thanks for mentioning Jpopasia. I’m a member of that forum. I’ll check it out tomorrow to see how quick they are.

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