SKE48 – Aozora Kataomoi PV

3 03 2010

SKE48 follow up their debut single Tsuyoki Mono yo with their 2nd called Aozora Kataomoi which is out on the 24th March. Tsuyoki Mono yo was great but Aozora Kataomoi is definitely a step up. It’s a fantastic pop song with the PV shot on the roof of a tall building (must be somewhere in Nagoya) with a stage set up surrounded by their fans. I expect this single to do even better for them in terms of sales. If people assume without listening first that SKE48 are inferior to AKB48 in every way are doing the girls a huge injustice. They’re a talented idol group on their own and all of the stages they’ve done so far especially the 2nd have been awesome. Give them a chance and I’m sure you’ll grow to love them just as much as their sister group in Akihabara.



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