AKBingo 3rd March SP Summary

5 03 2010

This week’s AKBingo is retrospective look at the Best 20 moments of the show since the beginning.

20. Clips from the 1st episode are shown. I’d kinda forgotten that there was another older presenter in the first couple of episodes before he disappeared. I’m sure he was a little bit of a pervert with the girls. It shows the debut appearance of The Bad Boys who go around the studio chasing after the girls…..making Oota cry!! The most shocking thing for me was how different Tomochin and Mariko look. They’ve changed quite a bit over the past 2 years…and for the better I have to say!!

19. The slide crane game. This was the game that propelled Meetan from being a nobody to a bona-fide star in AKB48. Nothing would be the same for her after this. Her popularity would grow. The game involved 2 members on 2 slides which would be slowly be lifted up at an angle. If you couldn’t hang on you’d fall into a pool of flour. Meetan stayed up on the slide at nearly 90 degrees!!

18. Demonstration of a new camera with a slo-mo facility. It takes slo-mo pictures of some members such as Yuko and Kasai taking off a jumper but the best is the one involving Takamina. The plan involved the cameraman’s clothes mysteriously flying off and capturing Takamina’s shocked expression but what makes this funny is Takamina focusing on the guy’s crotch area! This was very funny to watch. Takamina must have been embarrased to be reminded of this again!!

17. The News48 comedy skit segment with Mariko which died a death after a couple of them. I thought it was an amusing segment showing Mariko punishing a drunken news colleague played by Kiyoto.

16. Acchan crying after eating some spicy hot chicken wings!

15. Yuko Oshima – part of a game in which they had to guess what the Top 5 answers were to a question whilst sitting on a moving seat on a platform. If the seat didn’t stop at no1 – 5 on the small platform, the black faceless assassins waiting for them at the end of the platform would pie them in the face if I remember rightly. Yuko cried in this segment for answering AKB48 to a question and getting it right (didn’t really understand what the question was all about?).

14. Jump Rope Challenge. Team K had to perform a challenge involving all members jumping between a large rope which was spun by 2 men. Tomomi Kasai screws up and starts crying. Luckily Nonti was at hand to lighten up the situation and make her feel better.

13. Shojiki Shougi clips. It focused on Mayu vs Kashiwagi (Team B War!).

12. Mariko and her infamous fake flute impression!

11. Myao – she was quite the bad ass after being transferred to Team A. Mariko insults her so she fights back and takes the mickey out of Mariko and her crappy flute impression!

10. Sae and Kana try and push their heads through a small window with plastic sheeting. Their contorted faces provides a laugh or two.

09. Jurina’s 1st appearance on AKBingo. A similar segment to Myao and Mariko as Erepyon tries and fails to be a bad ass. Jurina shows her toughness by nearly leaving Erepyon in tears. Classic! Don’t mess with Jurina!!

08. Kojima vs Miichan – shojiki shougi.

07. Takamina – I didn’t really understand what was being said here.

06. Idoling!!! made an appearance on AKBingo to promote the collaboration single between the two idol groups.

05. The always awesome Sayaka shows what she’s made of as she gets a face full of ass as part of a game!

04. Sayaka, Oota and Miichan have to place their hands inside a box which contains a man’s bald head. They can’t see what’s inside the box but we can!!

03. The hypnotist. I’d forgotten how funny it was seeing MaiMai and Acchan fight over Sayaka after they were hypnotised. Rena Matsui tries to do something but can’t get her arm to move after being hypnotised.

02. Yuki Kashiwagi’s encounter with one of the show’s AD whose fake wig falls off as he addresses her in rehearsals showing his bald head. She tries her best not to look at it and laugh in his face. What a pro is our Yukirin even though she does laugh later as she explains to MaiMai when she thinks the cameras are off!

01. And at no.1 is whose been unlucky enough to be covered in pie and flour the most out of AKB48?

Erepyon has been covered 6 times, Takamina 7 times and it’s Acchan at the top with 8 times although as she wasn’t there Meetan was supposed to be the no.1 as she’s been covered 10 times.

Promo time – the DVD of the AKB48 musical Infinity is out tomorrow (6th March) but only for a limited time and the announcement of SKE48’s 2nd single.

There’s a live performance from Shibuya AX of Iiwake Maybe before another promo showing some members plugging the AKB48 Official Book.

Next Week’s Episode: Cosplay Madness. This looks interesting so I’m looking forward to it.



One response

6 04 2010

LOL! This ep was awweesoommee! Funny as heck!!!! (I definitely shouldn’t have watched it with people around..bet they think Im a little Loco :P)

Btw, thank you soo much for the review, I would have been totally lost while watching the ep without it 🙂

I think the Takamina one had something to do with all her Suberanai Hanashi 🙂

Hmmm …. number 2 Acchan’s flour/pie moments involved all the members getting flour-faced during that Red Light Green Light game… which means that technically Takamina is tied with Acchan….

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