Majisuka Gakuen Episode 7 Summary

7 03 2010

After waiting for so long I thought that the english subtitled episode 7 for Majisuka Gakuen would never come out but it did today so finally I’m able to watch it and give a summary of the episode.

The opening is a flashback sequence showing how Yuko and Sado first became friends after a big fight. Yuko was so impressed with her sadistic ways she christened her Sado (her real name is never mentioned) and became comrades in arms. It seems Sado is daydreaming about her initial encounter which is rudely interrupted by 4 Rappappa underlings who bring her a box of taiyaki snacks (fish shaped with a red bean paste inside) and enquire about Yuko’s health. However one of the 4 make a mistake stating that Maeda should join Rappappa. This pisses Sado off!

In class, Daruma and Team Hormone are discussing about the Death Verdict which means that Black, one of the 4 Rappappa queens has begun to make her move in torturing and killing a person she’s chosen as her victim. Team Hormone even tease that Maeda won’t be able to defeat Black as she’s so quick and agile. As Daruma and Maeda are walking home from school they’re ambushed in a hit and run attack by Black who’s like a ghost in being able to disappear and appear at will. We can safely say that Maeda is the target for Black’s death verdict. Black even shows off her quickness in even evading one of Maeda’s punches! Maeda doesn’t want to even involve herself in Black’s business so she leaves it up to Daruma to sort her out.

At the hospital, Yuko and Maeda are talking outside. Yuko decides she wants to have some fun so she invites Maeda to accompany her. They go to the arcades where it is seen that Maeda is not enjoying herself one bit. Yuko gets one of her dizzy spells there.

Sado visits Yuko at the hospital and finds out she’s escaped again after overhearing a conversation between a doctor and a nurse. Whats’s even worrying is she hears them talking how much time Yuko has left being alive. Sado frantically searches for Yuko.

Yuko meanwhile is revisiting the place with Maeda where she had her 1st fight with Sado. They both give money to the temple for luck and to make a wish. Maeda’s wish is to not fight anymore at her school. Yuko says she likes fighting and explains why to Maeda. As both of them leave to go back to the hospital we see that the luck paper that Yuko got as part of her appeasement to the temple gods said “Great Disaster”. A foreboding of the dark future ahead of her.

Sado is having another flashback to when she and Yuko fought together against a gang of girls before the words she heard at the hospital comes back to haunt her. Yuko has 1 month left and this makes Sado start to cry. Yuko returns to her hospital room to be confronted by Sado. She is slapped by her in the face before Sado apologises and runs away. Yuko is shocked by this.

It’s time for Daruma’s big fight with Black but she’s no match whatsoever for her. In her hour of need however, help is at hand. Daruma has been recruiting and who should come to aid her is none other than Sae and The Kabuki Sisters. With Maeda watching on it looks like the 4 are at the mercy of Black until a lucky break occurs. Black’s crucifix necklace drops on the floor and with her momentarily distracted it allows Daruma to connect with a flying headbutt to Black’s skull. The short battle is over and all 4 can enjoy their wings of victory chicken!

As the episode draws towards the conclusion, Sado at Rappappa HQ declares she’s had enough after hearing of Black’s defeat. As she storms out of the room she plants a pencil on a picture of an unknown girl. Who is she? We’ll find out soon.

Another fantastic episode. How great was Yukirin as Black. Her role was too short for me. I wanted her involved a little bit more but what we did see of her was fantastic. This episode was also a first with Maeda not being involved in a fight.

The next episode preview sees the most vicious Queen yet played by SKE48’s Rena Matsui. Blood and beatings aplenty by her character. It looks awesome.



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