Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 10

10 03 2010

This week’s big new release was Arashi’s new single Troublemaker and it was no surprise to see them go straight in at no.1 with sales of over half a million copies flying off the shelves. The exact figure was 542,334!! I did say last week that KAT-TUN would not be the best selling single of the year for long and this has been proven now. Troublemaker is a great song by the way.

Before I delve into the Top 10, I’ll pick out 2 of the best new songs floating in the 30-11 positions. I’m surprised with JASMINE’s low position at no.23 with This Is Not A Game, I really expected it to do a hell of a lot better than that.I’ve not heard of Miwa before but she sounds impressive enough at no.11 with Don’t Cry Anymore.

The Top 10 has 5 new entries and for idol fans Berryz Kobo comes in at no.3 with Tomodachi Wa Tomodachi Nanda. It’s an OK song but nothing different from what we’ve heard from them before. The brilliant Mai Kuraki is at no.4 with Eien Yori Nagaku – nice song from her and I just love SID’s song Sleep at no.2. I’ll update you on AKB48 and continuing sales for Sakura no Shiori. They’re still in the Top 10 for the 3rd week running and they sold an additional 10,545 copies bumping up their grand total to 350,596.

The chart rundown in full:

30 Tagawa Toshimi – Harbor Station North
29 Yuzu – Sakurae
28 Hiroko Hattori – Chasing Dreams
27 Shimizu Shota feat Miliyah Kato – Forever Love
26 Hiroshi Takeshima – This Jumping
25 DaizyStripper – We Show Signs Of Spring
24 Chihara Minori – Yasashi Bokyaru
23 JASMINE – This Is Not A Game
22 Sataandagi – Flew To Okinawa Rail
21 Chiaki Kuriyama – Ryuusei No Namida
20 Theatre Book – Uragiri No Yuyake
19 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi Ni Koi Shiteru
18 Ryuta Ushijima – Friends ~ Kimi No Kioku No Naka No Boku ~
17 Yoshimi Tendo – Fellow Traveler Lite
16 Hiroshi Itsuki – Oshiroi Hana
15 fripSIDE – Level5 -judgelight-
14 Kim Young-Ja – Reunion
13 Shinsengumi Rian – Honto Ni Boku De Iin Desuka
12 Kii Katano – Sakura Saku
11 Miwa  – Don’t Cry Anymore
10 KAT-TUN – Love Yourself ~ Kimi Ga Kirai Na Kimi Ga Suki ~
09 Safety Zone – Blue Roses
08 Kana Nishino – Best Friend
07 AKB48 – Sakura no Shiori
06 Onna Lovely – Onara Hazukashikunaiyo
05 Hey! Say! JUMP – Hitomi No Screen
04 Mai Kuraki – Eien Yori Nagaku
03 Berryz Kobo – Tomodachi Wa Tomodachi Nanda
02 SID – Sleep
01 Arashi – Troublemaker

And this week’s RASC Top 30 video countdown:



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