AKBingo 10th March Summary

11 03 2010

This week is a Danso! challenge. What’s Danso I hear you say – it’s when women get a complete makeover and look and dress like good looking boys/men (ikimen). In this episode 4 AKB48 members will go against each other to see who impresses The Bad Boys, a female judge who I have no idea who she is and 20 members from the group. The 20 members have a button to rate each of the 4. Therefore each of the 4 girls can be rated out of 20 – 1 point from each member in the audience!

First up to act a scene taking place in an office with Acchan in OL garb is Mariko. She’s all in a suit with glasses. The girls in the audience are going nuts especially Kasai and Kuramochi who like all this romantic slush. They’re really into it!! Kasai thinks she looks cool! Mariko scores 16/20 – a very high score.

Second up is Kojiharu who is dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow from POTC. Assisting her is Yuko as Keira Knightley’s character. I found this quite amusing. Both tease a kiss but they don’t actually lock lips. She scored 8/20.

Third up is Rena Matsui from SKE48. I actually gasped when I saw her. She looked exactly like a boy. Incredible! She acts a scene as an archer with Takamina as her coach. Rena was really good I must say but she only got 15/20. Amina Sato wants to marry her!!!

Last is Sayaka – all blacked up and singing like……Michael Jackson!! I laughed my ass watching her segment. She wasn’t that bad to be honest. The members in the audience were cheering and laughing at the same time. She scored 7/20.

The winner was Mariko but it should have been Rena. Nachu invades after stealing some clothes from one of the show’s worker who’s in his underpants kneeling down!

There are clips from a new CM that AKB48 are filming, something about SKE48 and also the official announcement about No Sleeves’ 4th single which has a title now called Lie.

Watarirouka perform their crappy new single Akkanbe Bashi. It hasn’t improved one bit from when I heard it last – still bloody awful!!

As the show wraps for another week, they plug the AKBingo official book before a preview of next week’s show which is another Danso challenge which features Sae and Tomochin.

I really enjoyed this episode – it was ingenius!



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