Majisuka Gakuen Episode 8 Summary

12 03 2010

The opening gets us the first shot of who will be taking Maeda on this week: the laughing Gekikara!

Daruma and Team Hormone are in class discussing Gekikara and how she’s not human, is fond of violence and is one card short a full deck. As Daruma and Maeda are walking home they find a trail of blood that leads to the bloodied carcasses of the Kabuki Sisters who are tied standing up to a fence. They tell Maeda to run away but Gekikara shows up with a maniacal smile across her face streaked with blood. She’s carrying a bloody umbrella – her weapon of choice against the Kabuki Sisters. She asks Maeda if she’s angry and gleefully laughs that she’ll destroy everyone before walking off.

Four Rappappa underlings are in their HQ making fun of Shibuya and trying on 2 of the fallen Queen’s jackets when Sado & Gekikara arrive. Gekikara toys around with them who are rightly scared with her behavior. Sado is loving it, thinking to herself that this time Maeda will be defeated.

Maeda is on the school rooftop contemplating about Gekikara and her attack on the Kabuki Sisters when sombody turns up to join her. It’s a new character – Erena who stares at Maeda before going away. Gekikara is continuing her rampage of violence – utterly destroying Team Hormone and inflicting a horrible injury to one of them with a pencil split in half. Ouch that had to hurt!!

Yuko is playing a game with her adult male friends at the hospital but when they leave her alone she starts thinking about the slap that Sado gave her – totally unaware why she did it.

The aftermath of Gekikara’s attack on Team Hormone has all of them holed up in the school’s medical room with Daruma asking what happened? It seems that everybody associated with Maeda is being targeted – the latest victim being Gakuran who is smashed to a bloody pulp by a creepy laughing Gekikara. Everybody starts distancing themselves from Maeda, fearful of Gekikara’s vengeance apart from Daruma that is. The next on Gekikara’s hitlist is none other than Choukoku who warns Maeda to stay away from the school for a while.

Daruma is on the warpath looking for Gekikara but she bumps into a teacher instead who is unceremoniously headbutted by her! Maeda is walking the corridors of the school when she comes face to face with Gekikara who is cutting a paper fan to shreds with a pair of scissors. She taunts Maeda but makes the fatal error of saying “majisuka” which is just what Maeda needs to start unloading on her. Gekikara is still laughing as she’s being beaten up and she tries to bite Maeda’s ear off. The fight continues in a classroom with Maeda in full control until Gekikara grabs hold of a chair and smacks Maeda in the head with it. Now it’s her turn to be punched in the face several times until the timely intervention of Gakuran and the Kabuki Sisters. They attack Gekikara but the Kabuki Sisters are swiftly dispatched and Gakuran is bitten in the leg before being hit on the head by a desk. Gekikara is truly a totally crazy ass girl!! It’s back to the one-on-one between Maeda and Gekikara with Maeda taking the upper hand. Sado and Nezumi are watching Maeda’s assault on Gekikara who is still laughing away merrily as she’s punched continuously across her face.

Sado stares at Maeda after Gekikara’s defeat but when Gakuran recovers and comes to her aid, Sado is gone. Gekikara still isn’t down and out and calls Maeda – the God of Death and warning Gakuran and the Kabuki Sisters to stay away from Maeda before trundling off a bloody mess and minus a tooth! Daruma arrives with her face full of bandages saying she’s been attacked by Gekikara but everybody knows it’s all fake. Maeda blatantly tells all of them that they’re not her friends.

The Principal and a teacher are talking about Maeda when Daruma overhears their conversation. She knows why she’s been transferred saying that Maeda has a violent disposition. She’s using Maeda as a tool to clean up the school and knows full well of her involvement in a girl’s death.

Sado meanwhile turns to her last trump card – Torigoya (Kojima) in her fight against Maeda. It seems she has some kind of fear against chickens.

As Maeda is cleaning her face, Erena confronts her and calls her a murderer, saying that she killed Minami.

This episode totally blew me away, easily the best we’ve had so far and as for Rena Matsui – I adore her even more now. She was frikkin awesome as Gekikara. I love her character so much – she’s my favorite. She came across so convincing as a nutjob. I don’t think I’d want to come face to face with her in a dark alley. I want to see more of her and I’m sure we will too in the last couple of episodes.

Next week: Torigoya is Maeda’s next challenge.



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11 07 2010

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