Sae Miyazawa Scandal?

12 03 2010

Sorry, I made a big mistake and deleted the Sae Miyazawa scandal entry. Here it is back again though it’s not 100% word for word as the original.

Some forums including 2ch are abuzz with rumours that Sae Miyazawa could be in trouble after she sent a text from her mobile phone to her blog by mistake. So what exactly was said in this text. This is what she wrote:

“Talking to other boys doesn’t do anything for me, there is no one that rivals you!”

This has been interpreted by some people that she has a boyfriend. It might or might not. That’s not the end of it though as a 2nd message was posted with these words:

I’m back!
Soooo sorry that I couldn’t send you any emails all this time!
And I’m so sorry that I sent you those strange emails and surprised you ~~~!!!!!!
I was riding the bus and took a little nap and it seems like I wrote what my friends said in my dreams.
That’s why it was so strange
I am sooooooo sorryyyyyyy ~~~~~!!!!!!!
Even I myself don’t understand what the mail is about so I can’t even explain it.
Please just forget about it!!!!!
I’m sorry !!!!!!
Anyway, I’m just back from abroad but it’s straight away to a lesson for me now !!!!!!!
I have some free time now so that’s why I can send you this but I’ll write about my impressions from abroad later ok !!!!!!
I can’t escape my jet lag
I’ll work hard at the lessons !!!!!!!!!
Sorry for sending you such strange things even though I haven’t emailed you in a while !!!!!
I’ll go to the lesson now!!!!!

Sae is backtracking in the 2nd message as she’s found out that it’s gone somewhere it’s not supposed to go. She’s saying that she was half asleep when she sent the first message and the words in the text were that of a person in her dreams (yeah! A likely story!). The message was obviously supposed to have gone to a friend, a member of her family or even Sayaka. Both of the messages have now been taken down.

I don’t think this is too much of a big deal. There’s no mention that she’s dating anyone, no declaration of love or anything like that so I doubt she’ll be in trouble. Evidently when you read the posts in Japanese it’s a bit too formal if she’s supposed to be dating somebody. Besides Sae is too important a member in AKB48. This is just a storm in a teacup with some forumites making a mountain out of a molehill.



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