3 Teens Arrested For Stealing Props From Majisuka Gakuen

13 03 2010

The Mainichi News reported that 3 teenage boy fans of AKB48 went to the location where the group were filming Majisuka Gakuen and stole 8 items from the set. The alleged incident happened during December last year. Police eventually found out about them, arrested the trio to which they admitted everything. The 3 from Hino, Tokyo found out the location of the school used for the drama from Yuko Oshima’s blog. A signboard, cushions and some coats that were to be used by some of the girls were nabbed by the trio. They planned to sell the items.

I’m actually planning myself to visit the location of the school when I return to Tokyo in less than 2 weeks time. Even though I know filming for Majisuka Gakuen has finished, I hope I can have a nice stroll around the old school if possible.



5 responses

14 03 2010

lol, did they steal some pantsu too?

14 03 2010

Ha ha, it doesn’t mention anything about stealing some pants but I’m sure if they’d had the chance they would have done so!!

14 03 2010

pantsu, not pants :S

14 03 2010

Oops I forgot to add the letter u to the word pants in my earlier comment. Sorry bout that!! My fault for writing too fast.

15 03 2010

Oh, no problem then, I thought you misread my message as “stealing some pants” which is waaay less exciting than stealing panties.
I’m such a perv lol

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