Majisuka Gakuen Episode 9 Summary

14 03 2010

The opening finds Torigoya locked in a chicken coop, begging Sado to get her out as she’s terrified of the chickens around her. Sado is nearby and listening to her pleas. Something happens and Sado rushes to the coop to see a lot of feathers flying. As she opens and enters the coop there’s no sign of Torigoya until she appears behind her. It looks like she’s been transformed into a human chicken with her look!

Daruma enters her classroom at school, trying to forget what Maeda told her before about not being friends. She tries to act normal in front of her but Maeda is having none of it. She stands up and leaves the classroom. Later Team Hormone and Daruma are anxiously awaiting more meat to arrive to eat by Rie Kitahara. As her character runs in the school corridor a meat package drops on the floor with a hand snatching it away. Trying to find out who did that, she encounters Torigoya who puts a hand to her head and says “I saw it” before whispering something in her ear. There’s a look of shock on Kitahara’s face. As she enters the classroom in a trance-like state as the others are eating she recoils in terror shouting “bugs bugs bugs”. Daruma finds a chicken feather on her shoulder. Sashi suspects it’s Torigoya.

Maeda is reading on the rooftop but finds her book has been tampered with – the word MURDERER has been scrawled on the pages inside. She turns round to see Erena glaring at her before walking away. Maeda follows her but she’s disappeared. A feather falls from the ceiling. Maeda picks it up and there is Torigoya in her face. Torigoya employs the same technique used on Kitahara. It seems she’s a mind reader of some sort as we see images of Maeda in a hospital watching doctors trying to save somebody’s life. She whispers “scapegoat” to Maeda’s ear. Maeda collapses on the floor after this experience.

She finds herself in the school’s medical room where the creepy nurse is filming her body before she wakes up. Daruma visits her and says she fainted in the corridor. Maeda is haunted by her own voice saying “you killed her”. Even her reflection in the mirror is mocking her which makes her try and smash it with a chair. Torigoya has really messed up her mind.

Torigoya reports back to Sado on what she’s done to Maeda with Sado thinking that this time she’s finished for good. It’s Sado’s turn to be used by Torigoya’s mind tricks when she touches one of her objects. Sado tries to stop her but is told “try to be more obedient”. Nezumi drops by on Sado. It seems it’s been her that has been supplying Sado with information on Maeda’s past and that Torigoya could exploit it. Nezumi also has something interesting to say about Yuko.

Maeda is locked away in her bedroom, looking terrified with one of her wristbands covered in blood and seeing images of Takamina’s dead body in the morgue.

At school, Team Hormone are trying to get Kitahara to eat meat once more. She explains what Torigoya did to her and how she whispered “larva” in her ears. Everytime she sees meat it looked like larva to her. She had an incident in the past when she swallowed a larva by mistake and she hates thinking about them now.

Maeda gets a message on her mobile with the words “welcome back” repeated over and over until in the end it says “welcome back to the park where you killed that girl”. She gets up and leaves with Daruma trying to follow but she cuts her off saying “why don’t you get it?”.

Yuko is visited by Sado at the hospital who apologies for the slap she gave her. Yuko tries to make light of it with Sado informing her of Gekikara’s defeat. Yuko thinks it’s her turn now to try and defeat Maeda until Sado tells her that Torigoya has been awakened. Yuko is not pleased about this at all. She’s furious because Torigoya is fearsome and gets inside your head. Not only can she see your memories but words are her prime weapon. By whispering in your ear, you can see nightmares from your past that you don’t want to see. Sado insists that Maeda should be broken.

At the very spot that Takamina died, Maeda is confronted once more by Torigoya. She takes Maeda’s wristbands and sees the moment of Takamina’s death. She further inflicts psychological punishment on Maeda’s already fragile mind. She starts to see Takamina but it’s all a trick. However, though, the trick backfires as Torigoya screams in agony with the images coming out of Maeda’s mind.

We see that Nezumi’s grand plan is coming along nicely – telling Sado that Yuko and Maeda spent an afternoon together and that Yuko has plans on Maeda being the next heir to Rappappa. All lies of course but Sado has fallen for it – hook, line and sinker. She asks Yuko if it was true that she did hang out with Maeda. She remains silent. Sado informs Yuko that she won’t hand over Rappappa to Maeda.

Meanwhile, Torigoya has recovered and is back to her old self again but this doesn’t stop Maeda attacking her whilst defenceless. Nezumi is watching. She reports back to rival school Yabakune that they should beat Maeda and with all 4 queens now defeated Maji High is theirs for the taking but if they’re going to attack now is the time to strike. Yabakune gather together to psych themselves up for the upcoming battle. Nezumi is walking the streets, laughing away and hoping that both camps kill each other. Erena is following Maeda and Yuko collapses in her hospital room.

Another top notch episode. Kojima’s character Torigoya was interesting. The other queens have relied on their strength as their main weapon but Torigoya’s is using her psychological tricks to destroy her victim’s minds to make them weak. It was brutal to see Maeda beating Torigoya in an unprovoked attack. With 3 episodes of the series left to go, we’re at the beginning of the end as Nezumi’s master plan is coming to fruition at last. What twists and turns are we likely to see before the final episode?

Next Episode: Yabakune are on the warpath and more on the Maeda/Takamina friendship.



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