Sayaka In Super Gore Girl – A Short Review

15 03 2010

Tonight I managed to take a look at a movie that Sayaka participated in which was released in Japan in May 2009 – Super Gore Girl.

Super Gore Girl is set in the suburbs of a major city, where a certain group of students reign over their catholic girls school with an iron fist. Corpses of nuns are left to rot and hang in the school corridors! Despite the outward appearance of beauty and grace, students of the school are quite proud to be aggressive and violent in the fight against evil. Looking for a more quiet and peaceful experience than her new classmates, freshman Sachiko joins the silent bible reading club headed by senior Yukie (Sayaka Akimoto), but the school’s harsh, dictatorial leadership system soon gets in the way of their studies. When the oppressive student council suddenly passes down the order to suspend Yukie’s department indefinitely, the club decide to fight back with their secret stash of guns! After the student council are defeated, they call in for reinforcements – a group of male students dressed in army garb who have machine guns at their disposal to quell the rebellion.

Super Gore Girl is a very misleading title to be honest, it’s more of a super lame short movie. It only lasts for 43 mins. There’s hardly any gore in it except for a 5 minute spell. Sayaka is the only good thing about it to be honest. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m sure her voice has been dubbed over with somebody else’s. It sounds different and softer than her usual tone. Sayaka is so cool in this movie – like a female version of Dirty Harry as she dodges bullets and takes aim like a real pro with a gun in her hand. The last 10 mins which feature her blasting away the male students with a massive high powered rifle is great to see.  The trailer for the movie more or less shows you the major action scenes for the movie which isn’t a lot.

I’d really only recommend this to hardcore AKB48 fans otherwise I just wouldn’t bother. I’m sure given the proper role, Sayaka would make a fantastic kick ass action star.



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