Majisuka Gakuen Episode 10 – Summary

17 03 2010

We begin at Rappappa HQ where we see the return of Shibuya and Black along with Torigoya. 4 underlings are asking that Rappappa should do something to which Shibuya replies “what do you mean by that”. They also ask when is Yuko returning but they have no answer. Torigoya says Sado has gone to “that place” to focus on destroying Maeda herself.

Team Hormone are eating as usual in their classroom. Sashi’s nose still hasn’t healed properly but Kitahara has gotten over her trauma from last week and is eating meat again with Daruma contemplating on the rooftop. Erena is in the process of putting thumbtacks in Maeda’s shoes  when Nezumi scares her making Erena drop the tacks. She tells her that if she wants to beat Maeda she has to follow her rules.

As Maeda is washing her hands outside and thinking they’re covered in blood, Daruma comes along and gives her a big hug insisting she’s not alone. It falls on deaf ears with Maeda pushing her away before walking off.  Sado gets a call to say that Yuko has collaped at the hospital and goes to visit her. As Maeda enters her classroom, Erena is there to issue a one-on-one challenge to her. She wants to resolve everything concerning her big sister. Maeda is wondering who her big sister could be? Then it hits her that Erena is Takamina’s little sister. As Maeda is about to follow Erena out of the classroom, the whole of Team Hormone after a pep talk by Sashi wants to accompany her. Maeda wants to do this alone but you can see that she’s thankful of their support.

Yuko wakes up to a tearful Sado at her bedside. She grabs Sado and tells her not to be hesitant as it makes her look weak. Maeda arrives at the location of her fight with Erena only to walk into a trap by rival school Yabakune. They surround her and get ready to strike. Erena is on the school rooftop when Daruma comes up asking what’s Maeda ever done to her. Erena tells her everything about Takamina, her sister and how Maeda killed her.

As Yabakune begin their assault on Maeda, we see flashbacks on Maeda and Takamina’s friendship and how they took care of one gang together. However Takamina insisted that they should stop fighting. She wanted to become a nurse (at least we know why Maeda is working at the hospital – probably repenting for Takamina’s death by following her chosen career). Also we finally know the significance of the wrist bracelets that Maeda’s carrying. They were a sign of an oath between herself and Takamina to stop fighting, study together and get serious.

Yabakune is getting the upper hand on Maeda and she looks a beaten girl. Nezumi enjoying every second of it. The full background to Takamina’s death is played out – she was trying to protect Maeda and she got destroyed by the gang that she had defeated with Maeda before. Daruma tries to tell Erena that Maeda is suffering Takamina’s death as much as she is but Erena explains that she is now experiencing the same punishment that her sister did. Daruma calls her an idiot before storming off.

More flashbacks as Maeda looks on Takamina’s lifeless body at the hospital. She thinks her death is all her fault. As we come back to the present and the final blow is about to be struck on Maeda by Yabakune, an unexpected ally comes to her rescue…….Sado!!! Sado’s words reminds Maeda of the same ones that Takamina had told her previously. It fires her up and both Sado and Maeda clean house on Yabakune with a lot of them fleeing except the President. Maeda delivers a crushing KO on her.

The aftermath sees Daruma arriving and Maeda is now ready to accept her and the others as her friends. She’s put her past troubles behind her and is now free. As Sado is leaving, she tells Maeda that she’s going to be her next opponent. She’s doing it for her sick president who’s in hospital fighting a disease. The penny drops for Maeda who she’s referring to – Yuko. The final scene sees Maeda visiting Yuko at hospital.

What a great episode. Good to see what went down with Maeda and Takamina in the past and how close they were. It seems to me that it was Takamina that was calling the shots in their friendship with Maeda hanging on to her every word.  It’s just a shame that she’s dead. What a bunch of wimps Yabakune were – all tough when ganging up on one person but as soon as Sado and Maeda starting banging heads they’re running away like cowards. Some hammy acting to be had by the Yabakune President.

Next episode: Sado vs Maeda and the return of Gekikara – YES!!!



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