AKBingo 17th March Summary

18 03 2010

Continuing from last week’s episode, it’s DANSPO Part 2!!!

1. Sae with Yuko (bar scenario)

Sae is a smooth talking barman chatting up Yuko and making her a cocktail in a bar. The members are going crazy for Sae especially Kasai and Kuramochi. She’s nearly in tears and think Sae is so cool. Has Kasai got a thing for girls in boys clothes or something? Sae score: a hugely impressive 17 out of 20.

2. Mayuyu with Takamina (samurai scenario)

Takamina is a young apprentice with Mayuyu as an old samurai master. I could hear a few of the girls shout kawaii at Mayuyu. She was OK. Mayuyu score: 8 out of 20.

3. Tomochin with Acchan (school scenario)

Acchan is the schoolgirl waiting for Tomochin as a boy. Tomochin I believe could pass as a boy. Sashi and Kitahara were impressed enough. Tomochin score: 15 out of 20.

and finally we have

4. Nito Moeno with Yuko (comedy scenario)

Yuko is the schoolgirl who tries to lift a piece of wood blocking her way with Moeno as a carpenter with stubble around the face who swings the wood around his head narrowly missing Yuko’s head as per a comedy scenario. Both girls were desperately trying to keep a straight face. The 20 members watching were also laughing. Moeno really got a low score: 3 out of 20.

Sae is the winner. Nachu butts in as a sumo wrestler in a painfully unfunny segment.

Promo for AKB48’s 2nd best album, something to do with them being photographed in bikinis, 3 ties they’ve designed and then we have the PV for SKE48’s 2nd single Aozora Kataomoi. No live performance at all on this show.

More promos for the new AKBingo book and Watarirouka’s single Akkanbe Bashi (no.1 again for the 2nd day in a row on the Oricon Daily Rankings!!).

This week’s episode wasn’t as good as last week’s. Even though Sae was great as a barman, I think Rena was just outstanding in the previous episode.

Next week: Shojiki shouji with Mariko and Maachan.



2 responses

21 03 2010

This was my first ever watching of an AKBingo ep, and it was alright. I’m all for some Yuko goodness, but Sae is my least favorite. It looks like a decent show, though. Plenty of lovely Kasai in this one ~_^

21 03 2010

To be honest I wouldn’t say this was the best of episodes to introduce you to AKBingo. There has been some brilliant episodes in the past – a hell of a lot better than this one. I suggest you take a look at some random past episodes to really get a feel for the series.

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