New AKB48/SKE48 TV Shows/Akkanbe Bashi

18 03 2010

There’s a couple of new TV shows coming up soon featuring both AKB48 and SKE48. The first one called Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku is set to start on the 29th March on TBS every Monday at 1.25am. The guy from Nemousu TV (Ariyoshi Hiroiki) will appear with 1 popular AKB48 member each week to give the idol group a set of projects to do and present them in order to please him. 5 kenkyuusei members will be on location to do them. If Ariyoshi isn’t pleased with how the girls do their projects, they have endure some kind of punishment. It sounds like an interesting show so I guess I’ll tune in to this.

SKE48 meanwhile have 2 new shows but these will only be short programmes, and I mean really short programmes…….like 2 mins long! The first Shitte Kaiketsu! SKEtto Net will have 3 members per episode delivering information about things like consumer issues, disaster prevention, the environment and health. It’ll only air in the Nagoya area from April onwards.

The 2nd show they’ll appear is Dera SKE ~ Yoake Mae no Kuni tori 48ban Shoubu. This 2 min show which will be on TBS every Monday to Wednesday from 5th April between 2 – 4am has the girls split into 2 teams – Team Jurina and Team Rena. Each episode will have them answering questions to do with the prefectures in Japan. The team that wins ‘gains’ that prefecture, and battle for country domination.

As for Watariirouka’s new single Akkanbe Bashi which was released yesterday I’m afraid I’m gonna have to eat humble pie!! I said in my initial post about the single that they would never be able to reach 10k in the first week. Well believe it or not they’ve broken that figure in the first day of release and even gone to no.1 in the Oricon Daily Rankings which is a hell of an achievement, even beating Arashi! I know Arashi’s single has been out for over 2 weeks already but I’m still happy for the girls even though I dislike the song. The actual sales figures were 11,159 copies. If they keep this momentum up there’s a good chance of being no.1 at the end of the week. Well done!



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