Majisuka Gakuen Episode 12 (FINAL) – Summary

10 04 2010

Well here it is, the final episode of the dorama series. How will this series finally end?

Sado and Maeda are rushing to the hospital after they hear of Yuko’s worsening condition. Sado tries to force herself into where Yuko is being trated but is pulled away by the nurses. In the waiting room afterwards, we hear that Yuko has lost consciousness and chances of her recovering are very low. Sado recounts Yuko’s life to Maeda that she lost her parents whilst very young and was raised by her grandmother until she graduated from middle school. When her grandmother also passed away, Yuko looked after herself. Sado vows that Yuko will be at her high school’s graduation ceremony. She’ll be with her. Yuko will definitely open her eyes soon. After Maeda has left, Sado is tearfully singing Sakura no Shiori to herself and thinking of Yuko.

Back at Maji High, Team Hormone speculate that now Maeda has defeated Sado she’ll have to square up to the legendary yankii – Yuko Oshima. Rumours of this possible fight has sent waves of excitement around other yankii schools. Rappappa members look solemn at the school, unsure of their future should Yuko die. Overhearing 3 students making fun of Yuko, Maeda gives them one of her evil stares! Both Maeda and Sado are thinking about their situation as Yuko’s life hangs in the balance.

Graduation Day arrives although usually nobody seems bothered to go but today many have come including all of Maeda’s allies. As Sashi explains to Daruma, the reason being is that everybody wants to know who’s the strongest one in the school. They want Yuko to come. It certainly doesn’t look like that’s going to happen as Yuko’s condition goes critical. As the ceremony begins, Sado is seen rushing to Yuko’s bedside but is it too late?

Miichan as School President makes her speech but breaks down halfway through it. Not that it matters as nobody is taking any real notice of what she is saying. The school pervert doctor helps Miichan away from the stage back to her seat. The diploma awards are ready to be given but none of the graduates are there……..until the 4 Rappappa Queens arrive with Sado bringing Yuko in by wheelchair. She apologises for being late. Though very weak and assisted by Sado and Shibuya, Yuko steps up to the school stage to graciously accept her diploma from the school Principal.

Yuko takes a microphone and addresses Maeda direct. She wants her to come closer to her as she wants to settle everything now. Maeda doesn’t back down and starts to walk down to Yuko. Yuko herself starts stumbling over to Maeda and collapses into some chairs. Shibuya wants to help but Sado stops her. Tears are falling in Sado and the 4 Queens eyes at the bravery of their fallen leader. Yuko gets up and we see a tear falling down her cheek. She tells Maeda not to act all cocky as Rappappa still has her here. She punches Maeda in the chest but it barely has any strength. Yuko relinquishes control of the school over to Maeda. The torch of leadership and the balance of power has now changed. Yuko tells everybody to follow Maeda or they’ll have to deal with her.

Maeda tearfully congratulates Yuko on her graduation. Yuko sits back in her wheelchair and as the new leader Maeda has to take Yuko out of the school hall. As she’s about to start taking Yuko out she looks at Erena and the ghostly form of Minami who’s smiling at her. Maeda takes the two wrist bracelets and uses it to form a ponytail in her hair. As the final journey starts for Yuko out of the school, she tells Maeda how happy she is that somebody has taken over her position. A guard of honor is made for Yuko. One final advice for Maeda from Yuko is she has nothing to be afraid if she has real friends. As Maeda stops, turns around and looks at the 4 Queens and Sado, Yuko’s life ebbs away and she dies peacefully in her wheelchair. Sakura petals are blowing in the hall over Yuko’s lifeless body and around Maeda.

For the final scene of the dorama, Maeda is seen sitting outside on one of the school benches. How many days have passed since the graduation ceremony is unknown but we see that Jurina is sitting close by reading a book. She comes over to Maeda and tries to punch Maeda in the face but it is blocked. Jurina though has a warning to her saying that Maeda’s generation will be replaced soon. Maeda’s reply is “bring it on 1st year”. As Jurina walks away, we see that Nezumi has aligned herself with her. The fight for power at the school is far from over and is set to continue…….

I thought the final episode was a bit of an anti-climax so I was  rather disappointed. No fights or anything dramatic. Sure, the death of Yuko was expected and sad but I expected Nezumi to have sprung a surprise of sorts in the graduation ceremony and maybe a chance for Yuko to die in a blaze of glory in a final fight against a rival school. Still, I did like the final twist with Jurina challenging Maeda. Considering that Jurina has only appeared for about a minute in a previous episode and fans though she was a ghost of some sort it was great in my view to see her as a yankii.

As for the acting of the whole cast – Maeda hasn’t been the best as her character has been like an emotionless cyborg for 90% of the time – saying very little except when necessary and only coming alive when she’s pushed to fight. Daruma as her sidekick though a little annoying at first I did come to like her in the end. Yuko and Mariko have been excellent in their roles and as for the best Queen – it would have to be the sadistic, maniacal and twisted Gekikara for me. Rena Matsui was convincing enough as the nutcase Queen. Nezumi has been a rather intriguing fringe character for me – the puppet master manipulating people and events for her own selfish gain so full marks to Mayuyu for playing her so well with a devilish grin on her face. All of the girls deserve praise for their acting in the dorama.

Overall, I really loved Majisuka Gakuen as a whole. It improved each week as I was a bit unsure after the first episode or two if it would get any better. Thankfully it did and by episode 5 the series had really gotten into it’s stride and hit top form. Now with the ending does this mean that we have a 2nd season or just an SP? I would prefer to see another season but my guess is we’ll just see a special one-off episode.

Thanks for reading these summaries and hopefully it won’t be too long before AKB48 appear in another dorama.



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