AKBingo 24th March Summary

11 04 2010

Yes, I know I’m backtracking a little bit but here we go with the summary of this episode:

It’s another round of Shoujiki Shouji and this time it’s between Maachan and Mariko (who are quite close as Mariko acts like a caring big sister to her).

The questions asked were:

Maachan to Mariko:
1. Honestly, you dislike me.
2. You say that you love comedians often, but it’s all for the sake of being polite.
3. You used to be yankii.
4. Lately, updating your blog has been a pain.
5. Every year you’ve been losing 2kg, but this year you’ve gained weight.
6. Frankly, since you’re an old lady, you can’t keep up with what the younger members are talking about.
7. Honestly, AKB48 is a step towards solo activities.

Mariko to Maachan:
1. Your hobby is horse-racing.
2. Only when it seems like you’re about to be yelled at will you act like a child.
3. You think that idols born in the Showa era are impossible.
4. Honestly, Erena Ono is annoying.
5. Frankly, you’re a pervert.
6. Frankly speaking, if it were up to you, all members are like kids.
7. Honestly, more than ghosts or monsters, Sayaka Akimoto is scary.

Maachan didn’t manage to survive one question whilst Mariko only failed with one. So now we know that Maachan is a pervert who finds Sayaka scary!! Mariko was a monkey rather than a yankii! The final score was 3-1 to Mariko.

The next segment is about the original neckties some of the girls have designed and for one lucky schoolboy he’s about to get a visit from his favorite AKB48 member – Aika Oota AKA Lovetan. The guy will be graduating soon from school. With a large box set up in the guy’s bedroom which contains Lovetan hiding with a video camera, the guy gets the surprise of his life after coming home from school when he opens the box and sees Lovetan inside. The Bad Boys and Akicha are hiding and watching from a nearby room. But that’s not all – he also gets the chance to have Lovetan as his girlfriend for 1 day to shock his friends!! He is made to change into a suit so that Lovetan can put the tie on him (if Rena Matsui or Yuko would do that to me I could die happy!!!). He gets his friends to go to karaoke where he turns up and tells them he has a girlfriend. I loved the look on their faces as Lovetan comes in – they didn’t believe it. The illusion is eventually shattered by the arrival of Akicha with a large sign saying they’ve been tricked! This was an entertaining segment I thought.

SKE48 perform live their 2nd single Aozora Kataomoi (more Rena Matsui goodness! YES!)

There’s information on the 2nd best album coming from AKB48 and also about the AKBingo book that will be released in April.

Next week: The girls seem to be crying. I wonder why?



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