AKBingo 31st March Summary

11 04 2010

This week’s episode is a bit of a tearjerker which was nice for a change but I don’t want them to do this often. I prefer AKBingo to be a light hearted show but anyway on with the summary:

The theme of this week’s episode is moving and heartwarming stories by some of the girls and they rate how emotional it was on a board.

First up is Sae with her tale. I never expected to hear that Sae was bullied at school. You just get the impression that the persona she has in the group being all happy and fun that she’s been like that throughout her life but obviously it hasn’t been all smiles for her. She’s gone through some tough times but thanks to her teacher she was able to turn things around. Besides Sae can stick two fingers up to the bullies now and say she’s much better than them!! I’d love to see a VTR segment of her confronting them now and asking them if they were proud of what they did and to see Sae make them feel ashamed of their past behavior. I’m glad to see that she hasn’t been mentally scarred by what happened to her.

The 2nd story concerns Akicha and this one is definitely a very sad tale about her grandfather whom she had a close relationship with. Akicha had just been promoted to Team A when she found out that her beloved grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although she was extremely sad to see his condition in hospital she put on a brave face for him. He eventually died in August 2009. The girls were really turning on the waterworks with this story.

The 3rd story about Kojima is cut short as it’s a joke tale about her having a cold on a train! At least it broke the sombre mood of the studio and it got some laughs from everybody.

There’s information about AKB48’s new single which will come out in May and it’s called Ponytail to Shushu and a concert tour in August. We are treated to a hits medley of the songs that will appear on AKB48’s Best 2nd album.

And that’s about it from this episode. Next week’s one is to show how brilliant Jurina is by having her take on 10 AKB48 members in a series of challenges.



5 responses

11 04 2010

i want to download the sub for this ep.so, where can i found the sub??
can u please help me??

11 04 2010

I’ve been told that you can get subs for every AKBingo episode on this forum http://forum.nihongogo.com/index.php?showforum=6

The only problem is you have to post at least 75 times I think before you can gain access to the subs. I’ve been desperate to get subs for AKBingo too but I’m not going to join this forum just to do that.

11 04 2010

one more question, may i know which ep Sashihara Rino did wotagei dance??
i want to download it.

11 04 2010

I’m not 100% sure on this but I think it was the November 18th 2009 episode.

6 09 2010

what episode is the audition memories?

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