AKBingo 7th April Summary

11 04 2010

I’m now up to date with AKBingo so here’s the summary for last week’s episode which made me very happy as there a lot of Rena Matsui in this one!

The gist of this week’s episode is to show just how amazing Jurina is against 10 members of AKB48. If any of the members fail there’s a punishment in store for them and that is a pie to the face by some faceless black hooded goons.

A ring has been set up in the middle of the studio as the 10 AKB48 challengers come into the ring first followed by Jurina who enters to the Eye Of The Tiger song! Isn’t it odd that the AKB48 members that could really pose a challenge to Jurina e.g Sae and Sayaka aren’t even involved? Providing commentary alongside the Bad Boys is Mariko and a very gorgeous looking Rena Matsui as she knows Jurina best from SKE48. Yuko and some of the others are pulling some funny faces on the side of the ring whilst Sumire Sato who is really cute today has a Round 1 sign to start us off.

Round 1 (Table Tennis) – Acchan. Jurina wins this one 5-3 and Acchan is the first to get pied in the face.

Round 2 (Quiz) – Kojima. Jurina destroys Kojima 5-1 and it really was embarassing that Kojima thought the 5th month of the year in English was MACH!!! The 2nd person in AKB48 to get pied.

Round 3 (Russian Roulette) – Tomochin. I actually thought this was rigged from the start and Tomochin gets the balloon to go pop in her face. AKB48 member no.3 to get pied and it’s a whitewash for Jurina so far. Can anybody stop her?

Round 4 (Hula Hoop) – Takamina. She proved to be the worst of the lot as she failed miserably¬† and even Miichan smacked Takamina for failing so bad!! She does fare a little better when hula hopping around her throat!! It’s pie time for Takamina though.

Round 5 (Arm Wrestling) – Yukirin. I just knew that this would be a mismatch and Yukirin loses in an instant. She’s the last in this week’s episode to be pied.

How embarassing for those 5 members to lose to a 13 year old!! Have you no shame girls? Come on try harder!

This segment is over but it will continue next week.

More promotion for AKB48’s 2nd Best Album which came out today and there’s a live performance of ‘Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to’ from the Yokohama Arena concert they did and we are done with AKBingo this week!

A good episode but I still believe they’ve picked AKB48 members that will be easy pickings for Jurina except for perhaps Yuko who I think will defeat Jurina in whatever challenge they give her next week. I don’t think she would have defeated Sae or Sayaka either but if the show’s producers want to make Jurina look like a super middle-schooler then so be it but I’m sure this will make some fans dislike her more. Not that it bothers me as I quite like Jurina.

Next Week: The challenge continues. Can somebody prevent this being a 10-0 pummeling by Jurina. Hell yeah, Yuko. Bring it on Jurina, Yuko will knock you down to size!!



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