Japan Spring Trip 2010 – Day 5 and 6

11 04 2010


Checked out of the Riverside Hotel at 10:30am and headed down to the river by the hotel for a stroll and a chance to clear my head from all of the alcohol of the previous night. I eventually headed into the centre of Kumamoto for a chance to check out the city centre. There was nothing really of significance here so I went to the bus terminal to go to the airport though I was a bit early going there as my flight wasn’t leaving until 3.50pm but seeing as I had no idea how long it would take me by bus to go there and there could be some delays with traffic I thought I’d get there early just in case.

In fact it took around 50 mins and there was no delays. I arrived at the airport at around 12.30pm. Typically I got a call from my best friend asking where I was so that we could hang out for a little while but seeing as I was at the airport I couldn’t go back. Besides I would see her again after she gets back to Tokyo tomorrow.

The flight left on time to reach Haneda Airport at 5:15pm. It’s just a shame that I landed right in the middle of rush hour as when I transferred over to the Yamanote line in Hamamatsucho the train was packed to the rafters. I didn’t really do anything special in the evening as I was so tired so just went to the local conbini, grabbed some food and crashed out early. It was extremely cold and blustery in Tokyo compared to the warm weather in Kumamoto. Later I would find out that the wind would injure several people in the city.


Today I headed to Ochanomizu to check out the Japan Football Museum which was built after the 2002 World Cup. I thought it was a very interesting place which charts the history of the J-League and the World Cup. A really good place to go if you’re a football fan. After finishing up here I had an urge again to go to Nakano so that’s what I did and bought more piccies from the Trio2 store and some unofficial photos from another store Utahime Dome. I didn’t really do anything much except look around the various shops in Nakano Broadway.

Ochanomizu Station with a Chuo Line train arriving

During the evening I went on my first visit on this trip to Shibuya to see what was happening there. There’s a lot of promotion for AKB48’s 2nd album going on in the HMV store and after buying SKE48’s album and JASMINE’s single This Is Not A Game I received a booklet saying something about a lottery which will happen if you buy the 2nd Best Album in the store. According to my best friend, there was a chance to meet and greet some of the members if you’re lucky in this lottery. This lottery I would definitely have to try but that was 1 week away.



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