Japan Spring Trip 2010 – Day 8

12 04 2010

A packed day began with a trip on the Oedo Line subway from Tochomae to Ryogoku to visit the Kanto Earthquake Memorial Museum dedicated to the victims that perished in the 1923 disaster. Exhibits there include items recovered after the quake and pictures showing the huge devastation that occurred. Interesting place and it’s free to enter too.

I was supposed to visit the Fukugawa Edo museum but it’s closed until July so I headed to Kiyosumi Gardens to get some Japanese study time with a couple of books I’d taken with me on my holiday. It was so peaceful here and a newly married couple were taking their photos there.

Kiyosumi Gardens

Then it was onto a Majisuka Gakuen location hunt specifically where Takamina’s character dies. Having found some instructions from a forum on where to find the place it was fairly easy to locate. Maybe I should have placed some flowers at the spot where Minami dies!!! I think the homeless person there would have looked at me pretty strange if I’d done that!

The place where Minami dies in Majisuka Gakuen

My next place to visit today was in Roppongi Hills – the Mori Tower. I’ve been inside the observation platform in the tower before but not on the roof – The Sky Deck. Here you can have a 360 degree view of all of Tokyo outside. As it was such a nice day the views were fairly good apart from the smog. I also visited the art museum on the 54th floor which was cool.

Mori Tower Sky Deck

During the evening I was supposed to go to Odaiba for night time shots but screwed up. Why I went all the way to Shinagawa and not Shimbashi for the Yurikamome line I’ll never know but it was getting late and I couldn’t be bothered to go back to Shimbashi so I hung out in Shinjuku instead.

Shinjuku From The Sky Deck



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