Tomomi Kasai Has Appendicitis

12 04 2010

Last weekend the two Tomomi’s (Kasai and Itano) were taking part in an event at Nakano’s Sun Plaza to commemmorate their new single Love Wars and their association with Kamen Rider W with the fans. There were 3 sessions taking place and although Tomomi Kasai took part in the first and second she was in no fit condition to continue and be in the final event of the day so she taken to hospital. The diagnosis was she had appendicitis. Surgery took place and recovery is expected to take a week or so.  She will stay in hospital for 3 days. Tomomi Itano had to do the final event alone. According to official staff, Kasai has been unwell for a couple of days.

Some fans have been complaining that they paid good money to see both idols but only got one. Well that’s just tough shit. She’s not a damn cyborg, she is human after all and there’s probably no one more disappointed to let down her fans than Tomomi Kasai herself so give her a break. You’re lucky that she even came to do two events, at least she tried her best.

Get well soon Tomomi. I hope you feel better.



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