Japan Spring Trip 2010 – Day 9 and 10

13 04 2010


It was off to Asakusa today to see the construction of the new Tokyo Sky Tree building at Nariharibashi on the Toei Asakusa line. Already last week it had surpassed the height of Tokyo Tower by a couple of  metres (338m) to become the highest structure in Japan. Such a pity it was raining hard this morning but the building looks so impressive. I’m really looking forward to going up the building once it opens to the public in Spring 2012.

Tokyo Sky Tree

It wasn’t really a day to do anything outside due to the crap weather so took off to Yoyogi’s Book-Off where I bought Zard’s Golden Best 15th Anniversary album. After trawling through the shop I went on my 3rd visit to Trio2 in Nakano where I got a couple of Sumire Sato/Tomochin photos plus 2 AKB48 DVD’s (Team K 3rd and 4th stage) and SKE48’s Team S 2nd stage DVD.

Fuji TV HQ steps, Odaiba

In the evening I went down to Odaiba to get my night shots. The rain had finally cleared but it still fairly cloudy.

DAY 10

A bit of a bust day for me as I was off to Mogusudai to try and find the school used by AKB48 in their dorama Majisuka Gakuen. The journey to Hogikubo on the Keio Line via the Tama Monorail was straight forward but trying to find the school was quite difficult. It didn’t help that the Google Earth map I had printed out had been forgotten at the hotel. In the end I said “sod this” and buggered off back to Shinjuku. The train became a bit of a crush as the stops came closer to Shinjuku and with more people coming onboard. I would come back again to Hogikubo before the trip was over with the map and find it.

I tried an interesting new drink today – Suntory’s Chocolate Sparkling Water. It tasted exactly as if you were eating a bar of chocolate expect this was a drink instead.

During another rain filled evening I ventured to Ueno’s Yotsimuya shop to see if there was anything interesting to buy there. Apart from a SAW movie keyring I didn’t buy anything.



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