Japan Spring Trip 2010 – Day 13

16 04 2010

Today I was determined to find the school used in the filming of Majisuka Gakuen so with a satellite photo printed out I hoofed it back to Hogikubo on a warm sunny day. As I’d been here before I had an inkling from looking at the satellite photo where the school was this time. As I wound my way up a long winding uphill path I finally came across the school. It was a shame I could not enter the grounds itself as the gates were locked and it looked like there was some workers doing something inside the building probably renovation. The school is not used anymore for teaching. A man who was passing asked me what I was doing taking photos of the school so I told him it was to do with AKB48 filming here. He seemed to understand and continued on his journey. If only I’d have arrived here when they were filming the dorama I might have had an outside chance of seeing the girls.

Mogusudai Elementary School aka Maji High

Once finished here I buggered off back to Shibuya to buy the new 2nd best album by AKB48. A large truck was driving by advertising the CD and there was a good sized billboard poster on a building too. As part of buying the CD there was a chance tomorrow and another 2 days to take part in a lottery to meet and shake hands with AKB48 in the store. This I would definitely do!

Hogikubo taken from a path near Maji High

During the evening I joined my best friend and her friend in Kichijoji to see a unique concert by 3 talented musicians in a small intimate bar. The 3 guys (one on piano, the other on violin and the final one on guitar) were sensational and it was very enjoyable to listen to them. Being the only gaijin there I was spotted immediately so for a lot of the concert I was the center of attention by the guys who were asking me questions such as what’s your favorite movie and what’s my favorite Ghibli movie? They wanted to improve a little bit of their limited English. The 40 strong audience were contantly looking at me as I interacted with the trio. It was great fun and I don’t think my best friend and her friend would have had no attention whatsoever if I wasn’t there with them. After the concert ended, the guys mingled with the audience and of course they were delighted to see a gaijin face there. They asked when I would be coming back next to see them. I told them depending on whether my best friend marries I could be back in October. When my best friend commented that I was looking for a Japanese wife the trio’s female manager/agent suddenly perked up and shouted “ME! ME!” and blowed some kisses for me which was funny. She also wants me to come back and visit in October which of course I will as tonight was fantastic.

Afterwards we went to a standing room only bar to have a few drinks and grab something to eat. I caught the train at 12.15am and landed back in my hotel at 12.50am. Tomorrow was my final day and I didn’t really want to go home.

A Japanese Winter warmer - Nikuman (pork, onion inside a bun)



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