AKBingo 21st April Summary

24 04 2010

The opening segment is another Shojiki Shouji between Lovetan and AKB48’s ‘Reaction Queen’ Yukirin. Sasshi is the anchor with The Bad Boys.  Yukirin easily wins this 3-1.

It’s then onto the challenge that Kojima wanted to do for No Sleeves’ 4th single. What would the challenge be like? We find out when The Bad Boys take her to an upmarket restaurant somewhere near Shiodome. The challenge is to pull a large cloth off a table which has some drink glasses on it. The drink glasses must not topple over or she fails. The guy there shows Kojima how it’s supposed to be done. Kojima has some success with 1 and 3 glasses but as more glasses are added she starts to have some difficulty with 6. She tries several times but no luck. Kojima seems to be slightly drunk when we see her sitting down with what looks like a glass of red wine (although it was probably juice).

Phrase Museum is back and this week it’s between Erepyon and Myao. Myao wins and Erepyon calls Myao an idiot afterwards. The look of surprise on Myao’s face is funny!

There’s a feature on the upcoming senbatsu election. The man doing this report said something at the end about Yuko which I didn’t understand.

Acchan plugs her new PB, the AKBingo book will be coming out next week and there’s a making of preview from the PV of AKB48’s new single Ponytail to Shushu.

We have a live performance of No Sleeves’ Lie in the studio to finish off the show.

Next Week: more sad and inspirational stories to make the girls cry!



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