AKB48 In Vegetable Commercial

28 04 2010

It seems that AKB48’s popularity is growing so much that they’re now in demand for Japanese CM’s. After promoting AOKI suits a little while ago, they’re now back with a brand new CM for a vegetable drink. 26 members (which includes Jurina and Rena from SKE48) are in the CM with each representing a different vegetable.

Here’s the list of which vegetable each member represents:

Takamina – Cabbage
Acchan – Tomato
Mariko – Onion
Kojiharu – Broccoli
Akicha – Watercress
Ami – Nappa Cabbage (never heard of a Nappa cabbage before)
Mocchi – Parsley
Sasshi – Daikon
Lovetan – Petit Vale (no idea what this is?)
Mocchi – Parsley
Sayaka – Burdock root
Yuko – Spinach
Tomochin – Eggplant
Sae – Asparagus
Miichan – Komatsuna (I don’t know what this either?)
Erepyon – Beet
Moeno – Kale
Yukirin – Pumpkin
Mayuyu – Red pepper
Kitarie – Purple sweet potato
Tomo~mi – Lettuce
Myao – Nalta jute (WTF – ain’t got a clue?)
Komori – Ashitaba (eh?)
Sumire – Ginger
Jurina – Carrot
Rena – Celery

And here’s a Japanese daytime show with a quick feature on the CM:



4 responses

2 05 2010
Slyvester Tomomi

the video cant be played anymore
cud u find another?

2 05 2010

I’ve just tried the video and it works fine for me.

7 05 2010

it say: “this is a private video. if you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request”

7 05 2010

I can’t get the video to play so I’ll try and find another link to the vegetable CM.

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