Erika Sawajiri Getting Divorced

28 04 2010

There have been rumours floating about for a while that Erika might be getting divorced from her husband. On Fuji TV’s programme “Mr Sunday”, they said that she is indeed going to divorce from Tsuyoshi Takashiro. The media waited to hear from Erika herself. Then came the official announcement on her website that the news was true and she is definitely getting divorced.  Nobody knows why she’s splitting from her husband but apparently the favorite speculation is that it has something to do with financial troubles.

Already the knives are out for Erika saying that she’s a gold digger who only married her husband for the money and now she’s getting divorced she’ll get a nice big fat chunk of his wealth. I don’t think this news will change anybody’s opinion in Japan about her. She might be hated even more actually because of it.

In other Sawajiri news, her plans for a comeback in Japan is making progress and she may be signed up soon with non other than AVEX. They have confirmed that they are in talks with her and have plans for her to make an acting comeback in a TV drama series.



2 responses

28 04 2010

– become famous, check
– cause a “scandal”, check
– get married, check
– get divorced, check
– …

On a serious note, she’s been away for quite some time so I hope she “returns” soon.

7 07 2011

so sweat.. i like her..

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