Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 17

28 04 2010

This week’s chart has Bump Of Chicken at no.1 again……but not with the song they had last week at the top. Happy drops to no.4 while their new single Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi Kara Kimi e~ enters straight in at no.1. Before I say anything about the Top 10, notable new songs outside the Top 10 included MiChi with her song at a lowly position at no.24. It’s a great tune which includes sampling a portion of an old Scatman John song . I also like Sphere’s new song at no.12 which is tie-in with the anime Ichiban Ushiro no Dai mao. Mihimaru GT’s song is also very nice. After only a week Perfume are out of the Top 10.

The Top 10 had 8 new entries. aiko with her tie-in song for the movie My Darling Is A Foreigner came in at no.2. Following her at no.3 is DOES with Bakuchi Dancer. This is a tie-in song for the anime movie Gintama. AKB48 unit No Sleeves is in at no.5 with Lie. Respectable sales figures for them too. There’s a couple of anime songs in the top 10 with Girls Dead Monster at no.7 with their tune from Angel Beats. Speed also enter at no.9 with a cool new song Himawari.

The chart rundown goes like this:

30 Angela Aki – Kagayaku Hito
29 Ryuko Mizuta – Kunisaki Miren
28 Nodame – Nodame DEBUT!
27 Arashi – Troublemaker
26 NEWS – Sakura Girl
25 Kiyoshi Hikawa – Shamisen Tabigarasu
24 MiChi – All About The Girls ~Iijanka Party People~ / Together Again
23 ZEBRA QUEEN – NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~
22 Junko Akimoto – Ichimai no Shashin
21 mao – Kimi no Kioku
20 Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Solanin
19 NYC – Yuuki 100%
18 mihimaru GT – Omedetou
17 Marui Bunta – Taisetsu na Hito e
16 Yazima Biyoushitsu feat. Princess Seiko – Idol Mitai ni Utawasete
15 Aika Yoshioka – Izayoi Namida
14 Kaori Mizumori – Matsushima Kikou
13 THE BACK HORN – Tatakau Kimi yo
11 Perfume – Fushizen na Girl / Natural ni Koishite
10 Friends, Maikeru & Hanaka – Dear Friends -Tomo e- / Gakkou e Ikou
09 SPEED – Himawari ~Growing Sunflower~
08 Kazuyoshi Saito – Zutto Suki Datta
07 Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song
06 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku
05 no3b – Lie
04 Bump Of Chicken – Happy
03 DOES – Bakuchi Dancer
02 aiko – Mukaiawase
01 Bump Of Chicken – Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi Kara Kimi e~

Plus the usual video countdown by RASC



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