AKBingo 28th April Summary

30 04 2010

This week’s episode has part 2 of the sad and inspirational stories that make the girls cry.

Before we get to our first story, we see the girls and the Bad Boys swaying to some Disney music but Sae is going in completely the wrong direction to the rest of the girls. She realises the mistake she’s made though and corrects herself!! Myao who’s next to Sae is trying hard not to laugh as this is supposed to be a serious segment!!

The first story revolved around my no.2 girl in AKB48 – Yuko Oshima. Fans will remember that Yuko underwent throat surgery last year and this tale goes over the events of what took place. Although I didn’t quite understand what was going on I’m assuming that Yuko feared that she would never be able to sing again for AKB48. As she lay in her hospital bed feeling sorry for herself, a text message from Team K leader Sayaka cheered her up and well the rest is history. The girls were really being tearful here. The worst was Sayaka herself!! I think this story showed just how awesome Sayaka is – being concerned about her friend.

Story no.2 is all about Asuka Kuramochi. She was extremely close to her big brother whilst growing up. He was her hero. The rest of the tale I wasn’t too sure what was going on – was it something about her parents thinking she should quit AKB48 or something as she wasn’t popular? She’s popular now anyway as she was no.21 in the last AKB48 senbatsu election. This wasn’t really a story to be crying over, hell they should have made a story about Amina Sato instead. Now there’s a nice story to be told – how she wasn’t popular and that she learnt the choreography to every stage song. The fans noticed how dedicated and hard working she was and for that she got picked for the senbatsu election at quite a high position too.

Our last tale is about Mariko. Mariko has been the air flute girl on AKBingo in the past but she said that she had a real flute during elementary school and that she played Laputa tunes when times were tough. She became quite emotional (fake tears though) when she said she’d lost it recently. The reason she’s lost it is she auctioned the flute off for charity. It got some laughs from the girls.

The next segment shows Myao and Mayuyu taking pictures of the girls for the AKBingo book.

We finally have an official announcement that AKB48 will be coming to the L.A Anime Expo.

And finally the PV for Ponytail to Shushu is shown. Yuko and Yukirin can come and clean my car in their bikinis anyday!!! The song itself is a grower. Right now I’m not too sure about it but give a couple more times listening to it I’ll start to love it.

That’s it for this week but we have a preview for next week’s show and it’s all about Kojima and her challenge for No Sleeves’ single Lie. In front of a large audience at Shibuya’s Mark City will she be able to conquer the challenge given to her of pulling a large cloth off a table without spilling the contents from some champagne glasses stacked up on top of each other?

I just hope there won’t be another damn sob story episode for quite a while.



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