AKB48’s Manami Oku To Release Solo Single

1 05 2010

This has taken me a bit by surprise but Team B’s Manami Oku is set to release her debut solo single on the 12th May. The song is called Katatsumuri.

Maachan isn’t exactly the most popular girl in AKB48 which is why I’m querying why her out of all the members get to release a solo single. Does Aki-P have major plans for Maachan in the future i.e pushing her to be one of the front girls in Team B and this is a prelude to those plans? There’s no PV for the song yet but as soon as it’s out I’ll post it right here.

You can hear a clip from her single on the HMV Japan link below. She’s actually got a really good singing voice judging from the clip. I look forward to hearing the song in full.


EDIT: Katatsumuri is the end theme to a NHK Education anime called Ojarumaru.



2 responses

1 05 2010

Looks like some anime soundtrack thingy; judging by the cover.

2 05 2010
[Kohiore] | Manami Oku Disco solista

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