AKBingo 5th May Summary

7 05 2010

This week’s episode revolves around Kojima and her challenge which is to try and pull a cloth from a table without making a glass tower fall. There’s a recap of what’s taken place so far.

Takamina, Miichan and the Bad Boys take Kojima to a small temple in order for her to undertake training with a monk. The monk will aid her concentration so that she can complete the challenge successfully. The Bad Boys will provide plenty of distraction to see if she can concentrate 100% on the task at hand. It doesn’t seem so at first as we see Sada, Kiyoshi, Miichan and Takamina eating a nice meal which doesn’t go down well with Kojima. The first task the monk gives Kojima is cleaning duties – sweeping with a broom outside and cleaning inside the temple. After this it’s time for her to meditate so that she can clear her mind of everything and focus entirely on her challenge. Not so easy when Kiyoshi starts wafting smell from a fish being cooked behind her which doesn’t seem to waiver Kojima at all…….until he does a farting sound which does distract and spoil her concentration !

After resuming and finishing her meditation, she is given a chance to see if the method has helped her at all. It seems to have done the trick as the first attempt at doing the challenge is a big success. It might be OK in front of one or two people but can she replicate that success in front of a packed audience. We shall wait and see.

The day of No Sleeves’ performance and there’s a big big audience waiting to see them perform Lie inside a shopping mall. Kojima wants to have another chance in the dressing room at the challenge to see if she can do it but it ends in failure. That’s no good for her confidence at all and the pressure is pushed up further when Kiyoshi announces to the awaiting audience of the challenge. The time to practice is over as No Sleeves takes the stage to perform their single. Kojima’s challenge will be done right at the climax of the song. She looks tense and nervous. As the final verse of the song is sung, Kojima takes her place in front of the table. With the song finishing, it’s now or never for Kojima…………..and she successfully completes the challenge without a glitch. It was really fantastic to see her accomplish it. The audience roars it’s approval and Kojima cries tears of joy. Well done!! I knew she could do it!!

There’s a plug on the AKBingo book that’s come out before we get a small preview of the Undergirls PV with their song Nusumareta Kuchibiru. It’s all win with more bikinis and what’s even better is there’s a lot of Rena Matsui being shown in the PV which I’m really happy about.

And that’s about it for this week. Next week’s episode is another Dodgeball Punishment game. It looks good.



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