Oricon Top 30 Charts – Week 19

12 05 2010

AAA is this week’s no.1 in the new Oricon charts with their fantastic new song – it’s an uptempo tune that I really like a lot. It’s been a while since they last had a no.1 hit. Ikimono-gakari who entered the charts at no.2 also deserved to be at the top with Arigatou. It was quite a low week for new songs inside the Top 10 with only 4 new entries – the other 2 new entries being the idol group Momoiro Clover. They’ve had a couple of indie singles out but this is their major debut and they’ve done really well with sales. Anything over 20k with a debut single would in my eyes be considered a huge success. It’s always good to see a new idol group on the scene. I’m delighted to see former AKB48 member Mai Oshima hit no.7 with her debut solo single. Hopefully this will see MaiMai release more songs in the near future. Another notable new entry at no.30 is the debut of a new idol group from AVEX called Tokyo Girls Style. Whilst they may not have the fanbase like Momoiro Clover to help sales with their first single they really are worth taking a look. Their song Kirari is a nice song which deserved to chart a lot higher than the lowly position it got. I’m not sure how much promotion they got in the press and TV but hopefully AVEX will start pushing them a little bit more from now on.

The chart rundown is as follows:

29 ZEBRA QUEEN – NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~
28 Arashi – Troublemaker
27 universe – Haruiro
26 Perfume – Fushizen na Girl / Natural ni Koishite
25 aiko – Mukaiawase
24 Kiyoshi Hikawa – Shamisen Tabigarasu
23 °C-ute – Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~
22 Shoko Nakagawa – Ray Of Light
21 4Minute – Muzik
20 BENI – Yura Yura / Gimme Gimme
19 lecca – TSUBOMI feat. Kusuo / Snow Crystals
18 Yuya Matsushita – YOU
17 Anzen Chitai – Orange / Koi no Yokan (2010 Version)
16 Kaori Mizumori – Matsushima Kikou
15 misono – “…Suki×××” / 0-ji Mae no Tsunderella
14 HAN-KUN – Touch The Sky
13 Kazuyoshi Saito – Zutto Suki Datta
12 Seiko Matsuda – Ikutsu no Yoake wo Kazoetara
11 Bump Of Chicken – HAPPY
10 Hilcrhyme – Daijoubu
09 DOES – Bakuchi Dancer
08 Bump Of Chicken – Mahou no Ryouri ~Kimi Kara Kimi e~
07 Mai Oshima – Mendokusai Aijou
04 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru / Asia no Kaizoku
03 Momoiro Clover – Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo
02 ikimono-gakari – Arigatou
01 AAA – Aitai Riyuu / Dream After Dream ~Yume Kara Sameta Yume~

RASC hasn’t posted his countdown this week so I’m gonna have to post this CDTV countdown instead. Should RASC upload his Top 30 videos I’ll replace this one.



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