SMAKB53 – One-Off Live Performance!

24 05 2010

Nearly all of AKB48 with a couple of SKE members appeared on SMAP x SMAP recently for a small interview and to perform a live medley of their hits with the boy band as promotion for Ponytail to Shushu. What sounds on paper like a strange collaboration came off pretty well on screen I thought. The songs performed were River, Iiwake Maybe, Aitakatta, Oogoe Diamond and Ponytail to Shushu.

Check it out below but be warned that this could be pulled off Youtube very quickly.

AKB48 – Majijo Teppen Blues PV

24 05 2010

For those of you that can’t get enough of Majisuka Gakuen can rejoice as there’s a new song and PV on the newly released special DVD version of the series. The quality of the PV below isn’t fantastic but it’s the best I can find right now but I’m looking for a better one.

The storyline for the PV is like a recap of the series of sorts and it finds Miichan as the school president being mercilessly bullied by Team Hormone for playing Majisuka Rock n Roll on the school PA system before they take out a CD and play Majijo Teppen Blues. Is this PV like a little preview for another season or SP for the series? It’s hard to say but it would be great to revisit the school to see if Jurina actually does go ahead with her threat to challenge Acchan for total supremacy of the school.

Enjoy the 8 minute treat: