AKB48 2nd Round Senbatsu Election Results

2 06 2010

OK, so the 2nd round results are out but has anything changed since the 1st round. Well let’s take a look at the standings first of all:

1     20966 Atsuko Maeda
2    19465 Yuko Oshima
3     13400 Itano Tomomi
4     13289 Mariko Shinoda
5     12307 Mayu Watanabe
6     9983 Takahashi Minami
7     9252 Haruna Kojima
8      8709 Yuki Kashiwagi
9     7683 Sae Miyazawa
10     6419 Rena Matsui
11     6357 Aki Takajo
12     4766 Erena Ono
13     4532 Tomomi Kasai
14     4414 Rie Kitahara
15     4091 Minami Minegishi
15     4091 Jurina Matsui
17     3369 Miho Miyazaki
18     3357 Rino Sashihara
19     3227 Amina Sato
20     2726 Haruka Nagakawa
21      2621 Sayaka Akimoto
22     2332 Aika Ota heart.png
23     2278 Asuka Kuramochi
24     1644 Yuka Masuda
25     1633 Natsumi Hirajima
26     1430 Mika Komori
27     1217 Oya Masana
28     1050 Nito Moeno
29     903 Ayaka Umeda
30     897 Kumi Yagami
31     892 Ishida Haruka
32     880 Reina Fujie
33     869 Sumire Sato
34     838 Yamauchi Suzuran
35     835 Shimazaki Haruka
36     736 Katayama Haruka
37     682 Ishiguro Atsuki
38     646 Yonezawa Rumi
39     641 Kikuchi Ayaka
40     568 Takayanagi Akane
40     568 Maeda Ami

As you can see Acchan has increased her lead between herself and Yuko. What was just 500 votes between them has now stretched to 1500 votes. What is surprising is that Tomochin has pushed herself into 3rd place with Mariko coming on strongly in the 2nd round up to 4th place. It’s just over 100 votes between Mariko and Tomochin so it’s going to be extremely close as to who will finally take that 3rd spot. Mayuyu has dropped 2 places to no.5 but there’s still a chance for her fans to get her back into 3rd place. Takamina remains at no.6 – I really wished she would get into that 5th spot. Kojima has moved 3 places up to no.7 which will please her fans. Yukirin and Rena drop down a couple of places. Akicha and Erepyon stay in no’s 11 and 12 respectively. Other significant changes in the Top 21 is that the no.21 spot now solely belongs to Sayaka with Lovetan now dropping to no.22. Myao and Jurina have pushed up a little bit too with Miichan and Jurina sharing 15th spot.

What’s happened to Akimoto’s so-called future ace Maachan – she nowhere in the Top 40. It doesn’t bode well for a future push if she’s not making her mark in this senbatsu election.

The final round of results comes out a week today in a special event at the JCB Hall and I’ll have those results once they’re on the web.



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