AKBingo 2nd June Summary

5 06 2010

For this week’s show there’s 2 special guests – the Kameda brothers who are boxing champions in their division. 10 girls are picked to play a game and at the end each of the 2 brothers must pick their favorite oshimen.

The game itself is a guessing one. A specially designed wall has been built with a small vertical gap in the middle. An object will be shown passing the gap at high speed and they have to guess what the object is. They’ll get 3 chances at correctly guessing the object. The speed will be slowed down a little bit if they’re having trouble at getting the answer right. The boxing brothers also get a chance to guess what the object is.

The first 5 members picked are: Miichan, Sasshi, Takamina, Harugon and Aki Deguchi from SKE48.

1st object – cat statue

2nd object – baseball glove

The 2nd lot of members chosen are: Kojima, Maachan, Sae, Mariko and Akira Suda from SKE48.

1st object – red handbag? (they never showed what the object was slowed down)

2nd object – red devil mask

The brothers finally get to pick their oshimen. The ones chosen will get a special boxing-type belt with a picture of the boxer on the front. It’s Maachan and Sae that are picked by the brothers.

Before this segment comes to an end, there’s an acting skit for 3 members. The scenario is set in a classroom with Kiyoshi playing a role of a student that is studying for a test I think (didn’t quite catch what was being said here). Each member has to say something as encouragement to Kiyoshi for the test. Tomochin, Lovetan and Kojima are chosen. I’m not sure if anybody was picked as a winner for this as it ended rather abruptly. I think I would have chosen Lovetan myself.

Another Phrasemuseum comes next between Tomomi Kasai and Nito Moeno. Kasai is the winner and Moeno gets her face painted once more. She looks mightily pissed off at this and says something which gets a laugh from the backstage staff. Does anybody know what she actually said? I’m sure Kiyoshi did this on purpose knowing that Moeno hates getting her face painted!!

There’s a live performance of Ponytail to Shushu which is mixed with making-of footage from the PV shoot.

Acchan gets to plug her new PB which contains pictures taken when she was in New York City last year.

Next week’s episode is a return of the cooking challenge. This episode was only OK, nothing special at all.



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5 06 2010

I’m also looking forward to next week’s episode. The cooking shows are the best; THE BEST! 😀

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