Reaction and Comments From AKB48 Members Following The Election

9 06 2010

I thought I’d pick some random comments made by some of the members following the final result of the senbatsu election. I’m still on a high following Yuko’s win. I was so shocked to see Acchan at no.2 and then I broke into a huge smile upon seeing Yuko’s name at no.1 I’m so happy for her. I think she deserves it. Also Sasshi and Harugon in the senbatsu has made me happy too. I’m kinda sad that Lovetan just about missed out. Also feel pretty bad for Nito Moeno.

Yuko: This is unbelievable… Akimoto-san said, ‘Expectation for you is high’. Please follow me. I’ll strive to make this as Japan’s no.1 idol group. Everyone’ll go further from now. It doesn’t feel real. I thought I would be ranked lower this year. I’ve never been this happy.”
(YES, Go Yuko!)

Acchan “I hate to lose, and to be honest this is mortifying. But a piece of me is a bit relieved”

Tomochin “I’ve always been worried since the election started. Your words are the one who supported me”

Mayu: At the 2nd quick count I got 10,000 and now 20,000; I’m happy. This time I can’t do the CG revolution, but next year I want to do it. Really, this is painful. I’m aiming for the top. I’m not satisfied with this (a lot of fans have spoken out against the disrespectful words that Mayuyu and Lovetan said in their speeches!)

Takamina: Last time I was crying here. Even though in sousenkyou guidebook they expect my rank to go down, but I am myself. My goal is still to be a lyric writer. My love for AKB won’t lose to anyone. (That’s an interesting piece of info, Takamina wants to write songs)

Sae: Like last year, I think that whatever rank I get, I’ll be happy. This first ikemen girl is aiming to be cooler than man

Rena Matsui: Even though I’m such a crybaby, such a beansprout, thank you for voting for me. To have my rank go up like this…I thought I made a mistake, but I’m aiming for the top… I don’t want to be no. 1 but I’ll do my best to be one

Tomomi Kasai: Thank you very much. At the second round announcement, many fans expected me to be in media senbatsu, so I’m happy now…I want to repay this as I could. Whether in bad condition or injury, I will appear on the stage

Erena Ono: This time I could collect this much votes, thank you very much. I won’t cry today. Even though it’s lower… I won’t cry. Someday, I want to be AKB center (I really hope this happens too)

Sayaka Akimoto: For those who’ve supported me, thank you very much. At a sign meeting, your voices really helped me…Even though I’m not satisfied with my position, I’ll aim higher (spoken like the fighter that she is, I’m confident that Sayaka will get a higher position next time)

Sasshi: This time last year I couldn’t get in the senbatsu and that was mortifying. So I’m happy now (me too Sasshi!!)



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12 06 2010
The Results Are In… « International Wota

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12 06 2010

What was Lovetan’s comment? I don’t see Mayuyu’s comment any different than Erena’s or Sayaka’s. They want to be higher in the rankings. In fact I found Sayaka’s comment more offensive than Mayuyu’s. Mayuyu’s comment was about her revolution that she mentioned in her promotional video, which wasn’t going to happen this year. Maybe next year. I thought it was worse for Sayaka to say she wasn’t happy with her position. If you don’t like your position just say you hope to do better next year or you’ll work harder. Sayaka should be happy that she ranked that high because the producers put her as an under girl.

12 06 2010

I’m interested in what Lovetan said too..

12 06 2010

Lovetan’s speech was kinda similar to a lot of the others. She basically said in between her sobbing that not being in the senbatsu was painful to her! Fans have commented that she should be happy that she’ll be placed center in the UG.

The difference between Mayuyu’s speech to Erepyon’s & Sayaka’s was the tone – it was done in a rather aggressive style! She probably wasn’t thinking straight at the time so I’m not condoning her or anything.

And to be perfectly honest I think some of the members that weren’t happy with their ranking in this election and wanted to be a little higher should have spared a thought for the feelings of those that didn’t even get a ranking. That must have been a right slap in their face to hear what some of their peers were saying!

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